Thursday, 9 February 2012

Some of this, some of that...

About school
I think I'm having a temporary melt-down. That one teacher keeps expecting us to know things and for us to have already done things he expect us to do, without giving us any information at all! How are we supposed to know what we are going to do if you don't tell us that we're supposed to do something?! Je m'en fous! Vachement...
I have some good news at least; I've decided a subject for my Bachelor degree essay! I'll write about Les Misérables! 20-25 pages shouldn't be that hard if it's about something I like, n'est-ce pas? ;)

More recently we have the mystery of my Spanish course. On Wednesday last week we got a mail saying that our classes were cancelled until further notice. On Friday we got a mail saying that they had found a replacement for our teacher and that classes would resume today. After a quick look at our timetable it's obvious that all classes are for him now. I didn't feel like going to class today although I knew I should. I stay up to date with the schedule handed out to us and I do all the exercises... Should be enough, right? Anyway I feel like I'm just sitting there staring at the clock, waiting for time to pass when I'm actually in class. However it still bothers me that our first teacher disappeared just like that. What the heck happened? O_o

About politics
The Prime Minister of Sweden has gotten yet another brilliant idea (notice the sarcasm). He suggests that we should raise the age of retirement to 75 instead of 65 as it is now. This is an emergency solution since it seems like the government doesn't have enough money to pay all the retired people if they keep retiring at 65. However it poses another problem as well. This will post-pone the coming generation switch in society. This means that my generation will continue to go unemployed while the older generation will keep on working 'til they drop dead. Lovely idea, isn't it? *sarcasm* Instead of solving the increasing unemployment problem amongst young people he's going to force old people to work more. He's going to let us starve to death and the old people work to death. What the heck has he got instead of a brain?! The Swedish politicians are driving me mad with their stupidity! We need that generation switch now!

Then we have ACTA. I blogged about that before. Last week there were demonstrations against this proposal throughout the country. This is a picture from the demonstration in Stockholm:
I couldn't participate myself. I was busy otherwise. This link contains info about ACTA demonstrations throughout the world. If the officials don't get the picture after all this work then I'm seriously scared for the future. I found this on Tumblr. As long as there's people fighting there's hope, right?

About the nerdy stuff
Mostly it's The Sims 2 right now. My second generation of Sims are growing up into elders, and it's a little wistful to see them grow old since they are the first generation I've had since they were babies. However this means that the third generation are growing up into adults. Meaning more babies! Yay! And more houses! Yay!

I've been watching a little less Mad Men lately, but I'm almost done with the 3rd season now. While I'm watching Mad Men I'm looking forward to a bunch of stuff like the 2nd season of Game of Thrones will begin on April 1st. Then we have the 3rd seasons of Sherlock and Downton Abbey ^_^ And ofc the 5th seaosn of Mad Men. I will try to catch up on the entire 4th season before March 25th when the 5th season airs! When I'm done with Mad Men I'm also going to start my sci-fi marathon; the Star Trek franchise, the Star Wars movies, the Star Gate franchise and Battlestar Galactica. I should add Dr. Who to that list as well... And I should catch up on Fringe, and I should watch that single season of Invasion. Why am I doing this? Well, it bothers me when people argue about stuff they obviously have no clue about, so I'm going to fix that. I'm also going to see if the entire sci-fi genre seems less ridiculous if I sit down and have a real good, deep and thorough look at it.

I'm still working on "Good Omens", but I'm planning on finishing it this weekend and get going with the final series by David Eddings :)

Oh and I also found that they're making a new Total War game based on the world of Westeros from "Game of Thrones". I'm actually really excited about that! :D


And now, I'm gonna get started with the writing again. I really feel like finishing off that book and send it away to some publishing company :)


  1. About those crappy teachers, I thought it was just one of those shitty things that comes with my shitty university, but I guess it more usual than I thought. You just have to gang up with your fellow students and make the best out of it. Sucks though.

  2. Well we do. But it's just him and we just have to deal with him until the beginning of April. That's when we have our final exam with him and then all we have to do is writing our essays. So I just need to put up with him for another 1½ months ;)

    But it does suck...


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