Monday, 13 February 2012

The weekend: Books, movies, music and comedy

I love crisp winter mornings.

Felt a need to express that, and now, let's bring back the weekend.

Got up early to go to school. I usually don't have school on Fridays, but today was an exception. We had some kind of oral test about Corneille and Le Cid. Our teacher asked us questions and we had to answer as if she knew nothing and we were explaining something completely new to her. It was kind of fun. We're going to to the same thing with Racine and Phèdre. But there will be a difference. I liked reading Le Cid, but I'm not a big fan of Phèdre.
Anyway, in the evening I took the bus from Lund to my hometown of Svedala to stay with my parents for the weekend. It had been about a month since I last saw them and it felt nice being back there. Especially the food. Having moved out and having to make my own food that isn't that great yet, it's a nice treat to go home and get to eat a real homemade meal. Friday was really luxurious with an entré in the shape of half an avocado each with Skagen mixture on top and the mixture topped with shrimps. This is pretty much the only entré we ever have on occasions that are not festive. But it's delicious. Main course was hare with potatoes, sauce and cranberry jelly. Afterwards there was the, now traditional, large bag of sweets and the film on TV was Män som Hatar Kvinnor (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). It was the first time I ever saw that film and it was really good! Usually I don't really like Swedish films, they have a tendency to be somewhat placid and boring (much like the people, really), but this one was... wow.

Got up around 10am. Most of the day was spent reading Good Omens (which I finished as expected) and I just didn't feel like starting to read Phèdre. My parents love Ticket to Ride (ever since I gave them the Europe edition two Christmases ago) and we play it every time I am there. We played two rounds and both of them went as expected. I came in second last and last respectively. I never win at playing games, but usually it's a lot of fun anyway. In the evening we ate a delicious meat stew and then it was time for the second part of the Swedish selections for the Eurovision Song Contest and cheese doodles :) I hadn't watched the Swedish selections in two years, I don't really care anymore. The organisers seem to concentrate more on the quantity of genres than the quality of the music and thus it has become really bad. I'll know who wins anyway from the magazine posters. I watch the semi-finals and the final of course; the main event: Eurovision Song Contest. That's always a lot of fun. Anyway in this selection there was only one song that I thought was good. A song called Soldiers by the cutest boy ever called Ulrik Munther. After the selection for ESC we watched Tomorrow Never Dies, which we've all seen about a hundred times, but what to do when my mum said she didn't like Sherlock (blasphemy!), which was the only other watchable thing on TV that evening.

Once again got up around 10am and I spent most of the time lazily hanging around the sofa and watching TV (Sonny with a Chance dubbed to Swedish (horrendous), Kitchen Nightmares and Bring it On: All or Nothing among others), while trying to find the energy to start reading The Treasured Ones by David & Leigh Eddings. In the late afternoon we went to the church where my sister's orchestral ensemble were going to have a concert. She had gotten her first solo song and I had to record her performance of course:
The concert was quite nice actually. It was the first time I heard the soundtrack to the Zelda video games in an orchestral version :P And they played some of the score from the Sweeney Tood movie, as well as some of the score of the Shrek movies.
I had to rush to the train station and missed the last two songs of the concert. Reason was that I had to get to Lund because we had tickets to see a Swedish comedian by the name of Magnus Betnér. It was awesome!!! Here's a sample of his awesomeness:
I love how he made fun of the year 2011. Complained that there was so much news last year, that this year 2012, that's completely normal news-wise, seems boring. He managed to make fun of the old news of the rebellion in Libya and Egypt, the death of Usama bin-Ladin and the Fukushima disaster, as well as some new news. And there were new versions of the old themes of his; religion, parenthood and sex. Simply fantastic!

So that was my weekend. Kind of interesting actually. The coming weekend has the potential of being almost equally interesting! :) Now I'm gonna read the book by Eddings and write some before it's sleepy time! Tomorrow is a big day; Valentine's. I'm gonna have a somewhat different and interesting Valentine's and I probably won't be able to tell you anything until Wednesday, so until then:

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