Tuesday, 13 March 2012

All that bullying

Bullying is getting more and more coverage in media. And it's getting clearer each time that the teachers and school boards have absolutely no idea how to handle the issue.

But that's old news.

It's treated in media as if this is something new. As if bullying hasn't been going on forever. They angle it so that it seems as if it's a bigger issue today than 10 years ago, as if the amount of bullied children has increased.

I rather doubt it. 

They always talk about how something has to be done. But that's all they do - talk. It's been a lot of talk and little business for such a long time that I don't have any faith left. Not that I had much faith to begin with. They all know that bullying exists. But as soon as it comes to their attention that they have it there, at their school, they stand completely perplexed without any idea whatsoever on how to handle it. So instead, they pretend like there is no problem. Cause if you pretend it's not there it goes away, right?

If it only were that easy...

If it were as easy as telling people to shut the fuck up and get off you, then we wouldn't have this problem to begin with, now would we? Well, we do so something is obviously off, right? Well, not necessarily, to me it's all a pretty natural thing of trying to be the best and compete. There's always someone who wants to improve their self-esteem and does so by getting on to people that seem week. It's all very logical really.

Doesn't mean I like it.

Does it mean I've moved on then? I guess so. I don't get upset thinking about the past anymore, or my school days. I don't get sad and depressed because of that anymore, so I guess I've moved on. Have I forgiven them? No. Why? Cause if I forgave them it would seem to me as if I made it alright what they did. And it's not. It's not alright. I don't get sad anymore, but I do get angry. Angry with myself for not standing up to them and letting them do what they did. Angry with my school for not being able to do anything. Angry with them cause they were too stupid to understand what they were doing was hurtful. But what they did is not alright. It's not alright to rob another human being (or any being for that matter) of its will to live. It's not alright to make anyone feel insignifcant and unwanted and unloved. It's not alright.

I just wish the bullies knew what they were doing.

Some people dimiss this as something children do because they do not understand what they're saying/doing. This is a lie and a myth. There is as much bullying at jobs as there is at schools.

Do I have a solution?

No. If I did, I'd be famous.

What it did to me?

This post explains a great deal. Also it made me into the atheistic, nihilistic, cynical misanthrope that I am today. Before all this I remember I used to like people. I was shy, sure. But I was excited about meeting new people, making new friends. I actually used to like people... Now I'm the exact opposite. That's what it did to me. That's what it will do to millions of other children. And there seems to be no way of stopping it.

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