Monday, 12 March 2012

School, Mugglis, Tokyo friends

It's certainly has been a while. It's over a week since I last blogged, but not much has happened. My last week was anything but pleasant. So if you can bear with my complaining for a bit (not for the entire post), let me take you back a bit...

Wednesday was my first day of lectures last week. I had had a mail conversation with my teacher and thought I had managed very well to do my presentation. I got to our first class that was Written composition and he asked me and another girl if we were ready for our presentations that same afternoon. We said we were and he asked me specifically if I had managed to find an article (in front of the whole class) I said I had and he asked what it was. I explained and he said it didn't work, it was the wrong kind of article. I think what he had meant was more like a small dissertation and said that I should specifically google PDF-files. He also said that he had talked to my mentor (behind my back) and that my mentor had told him that it was practically impossible not to find anything about Les Misérables. So I explained to him that I had found things about Les Mis, but not anything that related to my subject. And that was when he told me that it didn't have to be exactly the same as my essay, just related. So either I was too stupid to realise what he wanted, or he didn't explain well enough what he wanted. I honestly don't know which one. Then we continued on to the assignment of the class, which was watching a video with an interview with an author (I'm getting seriously sick of Tzvetan Todorov now...) and then we were going to write a small resumé of what the interview had been about. Piece of cake. I finished after a few minutes and while I waited for the others I googled for Les Misérables PDFs. Then I realised that the book I had borrowed for exactly this purpose, but that I didn't think applied, was in my bag. I looked through it and thought that maybe I could use the chapters 3 and 4. Those two chapters would give me a total of 14 pages to talk about for my presentation and 14 was a number he had mentioned before. So I asked him if those chapters worked. He took a look at it and said that it would work fine. After that I decided to skip the afternoon class (since I now wasn't going to do my presentation) and go home and start preparing for the next one.

Then I procrastinated it.

Thursday was the first litterature class I went to for two weeks. She asked if I had been ill and I said that I had just overslept both times, that I had woken 30 minutes before the class would start. She accepted it and went on as if nothing had happened. That class we discussed Un Amour de Swann by Proust, which we have finally finished reading. The story is really stupid, but it may just be because I really dislike romance novels (even when the author tries to apply psychology).

I procrastinated the presentation again.

Friday I was supposed to do the presentation, but instead I packed my bag and cleaned up a bit. And procrastinated again...


Now the fun part begins!

Saturday was an important day. I got up at 4am to take a shower, have breakfast and pack the last of my things into my bag (still managed to forget toothpaste) then I walked down to the train station. The train left the station on time; 06.06am. I slept for most part on the train. I managed to write the introduction of my presentation on the train, which made me feel a little better. At 11.50am (on time!) the train arrived at Stockholm central station. There I waited a bit until the girl I had talked to on a community (kinshaw) met up with me (she had taken the train from the north) and together we fixed travelling cards for the Stockholm underground. Then we met up with one of her friends (Maharajah) who had came from somewhere in the middle. We went up to her hotel room and freshened up a bit before we continued on to our hostel and dropped off our bags in their baggage room. Then kinshaw and I continued to grab a bite at Max before continuing on to the meeting. This is what I came to Stockholm for; a meeting with loads of people from the Swedish Harry Potter community that I hang out on all the time (my profile is to the right). Before the meeting we waited around for §irius and then we finally arrived at the meeting point in the middle of Stockholm central station. Around 2.15pm we took the tube out to a huge green area called Gärdet. There we played some games. I'm not a big fan of games and I'm really not very good at it. First game was House against House and in the end Gryffindor won (just like the books O_o). During all these games I met ikka, Ajnos Mörtsgreb, Optic, Lingonbean and a few more - mostly Ravenclaw girls. After the games it was time to go grab a bite and Li told us that there was no chance not one single restaurant in town would agree to have us all in one place (we were about 100 there) so she told us to go with a group of friends to eat somewhere and then we'd all meet up again at Plattan. On the way to eat somewhere kinshaw and I met Margaret, whom we then spent most of the evening with :) After dinner, we met up with the group at Plattan and together walked to a place called Medelhavsmuséet (roughly translated as Mediterranean museum). There we were going to have the Potter party! So we arrived a bit early and had to wait for a while. Then the mass of people in front of the doors created a long queue as soon as the doors opened. In the queue I talked a bit with Ajnos Mörtsgreb who was standing up drawing a beautiful picture (I alwasy get jealous of people who can draw). We got in and left our outerwear and bags in what pretty much was a locker room. In the party room there was a kind of buffet table. Starting with drinks in four different colours; blue, red, yellow and green (the House colours), then came small packages of jelly beans (probably supposed to symbolise Bertie Bott's All Flavour Beans) and as usual I managed to get hold of the bag with all the disgusting flavours. Luckily there were other kinds of sweets too and some crisps. The party started out with a Harry Potter quiz. I knew all the questions instinctively (nerd level going up, up!) except for one cause I haven't read Quidditch Through the Ages carefully enough ;) In the end Maharajah won the quiz with avifors in close second :P Then there was the magician. He was like any other magician doing tricks with ropes, chains and relapsing chairs - except that he called himself Professor Moonlight and was dressed as a wizard out of the world of Harry Potter. Also he was extremely funny. "Any questions?" "Can you move from one place to another" (Obviously hinting at apparition) "If I can move from one place to another? Of course! How do you think I got here?" After he had finished his performance the band of the evening; The Swedish Shortsnouts, got up on stage. They consist of three Hufflepuff members ;) My favourite songs were these:
Thinking back now I feel that it was great. But going back to Maharajah's hotel room after the party I felt a little worse. Mostly because the feeling of not fitting in follows me around everytime I meet new people. I also felt old, simply because in the Ravenclaw group I was the oldest one with a margin of 3-4 years... And also when I'm online I talk to no one in general - I talk to everyone. But when I got there the clicks were pretty much already formed, which kind of got my mood going down. But I don't regret going and I will go to more meetings like this. Next one I'm planning on going to is the the one in Gothenburg in April :D
Pictures from the meeting (I only took four...):

Then on Sunday we (kinshaw and I) got up around 10am cause we needed to check out before 11am. After checking out we went to one of the cafés at the central station and had some brunch. §irius was supposed to come pick her up around 11.30am but she overslept and when kinshaw finally got hold of her she was told to take the bus. I came with her to find her bus and everything. By the time that was done and she was on the bus the time was around 12.20 and I was going to meet up with Ebu and Yuuki that I met in Tokyo in 10 minutes so I went to our meeting point. Then I spent a nice afternoon talking with them at a café about stuff that had happened since Tokyo (almost 2 years ago!!! O_o) and going through loads of nostalgia from Tokyo etc :P It was a fun time. They had to leave about 3pm and by that time I decided that I could grab a bite and also bought some travelling snacks for the train ride home. The train left on time 4.14pm.

I was going to do some stuff on my presentation on the train ride but I only wrote a few sentences and came up with a few ideas on how to present the PowerPoint before I gave up. For the rest of the train ride I read The Treasured One by David & Leigh Eddings and finished it 1 hour before the original arrival time. We arrived more than 10 minutes before original arrival time at 9.42pm (9.54pm being original). That's a first!


Back to the boring part...

Today I finished my darn presentation - again. Tomorrow morning I'm doing it and then, hopefully, I can relax again!

Also Love has moved to Gothenburg for two months and I now have the entire flat all to myslef... What to do?

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