Monday, 26 March 2012

Weekend of Spring

Saturday I went to my parents' for the second round of birthday celebrations for my sister. Last time was for her friends and her party, now it was time for the family, i.e. grand-parents. I came over a bit early and helped out with setting the table and then went with Dad to another village where my grandmother lives. We were going to pick her up and her car. She feels like she's too old to be driving now at the age of 80 and thought that we could have her car over at our place sot hat maybe we could use it instead of it just being parked outside her flat. Dad agreed. So on the way home I drove his car (I love to drive his big SUV) with my grandmother and he drove her car. I like driving, but I still get nervous at some points. Like at one point on the way home. The road we usually drive on is having some construction work made to it and the road has been made narrower. Usually I love driving my dad's car because it's slightly bigger and people don't try to hurry past you, but at that specific moment the car felt ridiculously big. Ofc I knew that they hadn't made the road narrower than for meetings to be possible, but still I got kind of nervous there :P

Since we were little it's been a tradition that when it was my birthday my sister got something small too and when it was her birthday I got something small too. I think it was an arrangement so that none of us would feel jealous or left out. Nowadays I don't really care if I get something or not, but it seems as if everyone else do, or think I still expect something. So my sister got a small bunch of presents and I found myself getting 800 SEK (about €90) in total from both grand-parents :)

Then there was cake :) In the evening after the grand-parents had left there was awesome stew :D

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. Mum and Dad spent the entire day in the garden. My sister and I spent some time there too when it was time for brunch (lunch for parents) and on tea time :) The dog was spring crazy and wanted to play all the time (turning 6 years old in a month hasn't really changed her a bit). Dad had put loose dirt in a heap at the now flowerbed ex-vegetable patch. He threw the ball in that heap thinking the dog would just pick it up and come running. Instead she attacked the heap before giving the ball back. We laughed so hard and we all thought it was so much fun that Dad kept throwing the ball into the dirt and the dog kept digging around the dirt although the ball was right in front of her. In the end she had dirt all over her. So fun.

After tea time I decided that it was time for me to go back home. My sister insisted on making a driving lesson out of it and driving me home. So with my sister and Dad in the front I was sitting in the back. But she did well with it being a completely unknown car for her to drive and her not being that experienced yet.

Some hours after I got home I started to feel weird and as the evening turned into night I had a headache, I was dizzy and I felt sick. I felt warm and was cold at the same time. I'm not feeling any better today. I don't really have time to be sick. I was going to use this week to actually get going with my essay. But my brain doesn't work when I'm sick so I can probably scratch that. This is the worst week ever to get sick! I should start my essay, I have my last classes with the teacher I don't like, and I have an exam on Friday! So not a good week for this :/

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