Saturday, 5 May 2012

The US has done it again!

I need to make a rant, yet again. I need to make a new rant about the US, cause they've done it again. Seriously, what's wrong with that country and its people? :@ One of the blogs I follow is Blag Hag. It's a blog made by a "a liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted feminist atheist" and she lets me know every now and then how completely fucked up America is. Land of dreams? Land of freedom? My ass. The latest post (writing this) is about a new billboard-thingy they've come up with to escape from the reality of global warming. This picture in the post first caught my attention:
The post explains the picture. I don't even wanna write about it. It's too fucked up. It's too... well, just too everything! But apparantly I apply to either of the following: murderer, tyrant, madman. Cause otherwise there would be no reason for me to belive in global warming right? I can't even...

Although it will mess up the entire world I almost hope that Yellowstone will erupt and make that big-ass crater out of America. 

And some old posts that are relatable to this:

Keep on railing at what I believe
Call me insane and I'm proud to be

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