Monday, 16 July 2012

It's been two weeks since last time...

Wow, I haven't been blogging in two weeks. Time sure flies :o On Tuesday the 3rd I went up north to visit Toni and be with him for his birthday :) He loved his gifts from me. Win! \o/ Except for the mandatory cuddling we spent most of the time gaming. Friday we went out with some of his friends and on Sunday there was BBQ with his family. It was quite the pleasant week. During this week he showed me the British TV-series called "Black Books", which I thought was great (most of the time) and I do want to continue watching it :)

On Monday the 9th we both got on the train back south. After coming back home we ordered pizza and watched Corpse Bride :) Tuesday I had some work and got up early. No problem, Toni installed Diablo 3 on my computer and played all day. Love was also kind enough to go pick up a parcel for me at the post office. So when I arrived back home I had my awesome Alice Cooper Limited Edition Collector's Pack:
The double-sided poster was awesome as was the metal pin with " School's Out" written on it. The facemask I didn't care much for and tbh I already had the CD but this one came with two bonus tracks on it :P But the real highlight was the magazine. 130 pages only about Alice! Awesome! I haven't had time to read it all yet, but this far it's a lot of fun reading!

Wednesday we went to Malmö and made a day of it. Originally we had no plans for this day, but I woke up feeling like "hey, let's go to the movies tonight". So I booked two tickets to "The Amazing Spider-Man" and then we went out. After brunch at China Box we continued to Game, where I found two games for my DS that seemed interesting: "Heroes of Mana" and some Final Fantasy game. Then we continued towards the Sci-Fi bookstore. I got out of there with three books (impossible to enter that store without buying something...) Then we had a walk around town and a short break at an Espresso House before arriving at the cinema. The movie was great :) I really liked it, but I've always been a fan of Spider-Man ;)

Thursday saw the start of the local annual festival of my home village. It's gotten pretty big as the years have gone by and this year they celebrated 25 years :) On Thursday we only saw Bonafide and Takida. I hadn't heard anything of Bonafide before but they were great and I really have to check them out some more :) Takida has been there once before and I was equally unimpressed with them. They are kind of boring live although their music can be pleasant to listen to. On Friday we saw E-Type, Amanda Jenssen, Joddla med Siv and Hammerfall. E-Type was purely for nostalgic purposes and it was quite fun to listen to him. Amanda Jenssen was a disappointment. I love her husky voice, but the music she plays is so boring :( Joddla med Siv plays there every year and it's always such a great time when they play :D I'm not a big fan of Hammerfall or power metal at all. But it was a fairly good concert actually. Then on Saturday we saw Thin Lizzy, Perikles and Timbuktu. Thin Lizzy was the band I was most excited about, the first international act ever on this festival. However they turned out less good than expected. It seemed as if they just relied on the fact that they had been doing that for ages and just assumed that everyone knew their songs and made no attempts to get the crowd going along with the songs (except for those fans closest to the stage who were going anyway). Perikles is always great fun. Their own material isn't really the kind of music I usually listen to, but their covers are great and the crowd pretty much explodes over and over while they're playing. It's awesome! :D I didn't really watch Timbuktu, except for his encore and then there was the classic finale with fireworks and classical music.

Yesterday I spent studying and Toni spent playing. I managed to finish my dissertation on time and e-mailed it to my teacher last night. I'm not very content with it, but I assume that something is better than nothing and I just hope my teacher agrees.

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