Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Catching up some

It's been ages. I'm really not that good of a blogger during summer. I'm honestly more busy over the summer than during semesters. So what's happened since last time? Quite a lot.

July 17th: I worked a bit in the morning. Then when I got home I started up Heroes of Mana on my DS and I think I played it through all the way almost till the end. But the last battle I was on was ridiculous. One of my hero along with two people I was going to protect weren't allowed to die and I was going to battle DRAGONS while the enemies kept stealing my resources and I never had enough to call in the heavy fighters and keep exploring the area at the same time. After failing for the 6th or 7th time I rage-quitted and went to bed in protest.

July 18th: We had nothing planned for today but when we woke up I decided I wanted to go to Copenhagen with Toni and just have a look around and walk down Strøget. On our way along the street we came across the Guiness World Records Museum, and since we had nothing better to do and no time limit we decided to take a look. Just for the heck of it. It was pretty interesting all the way until I caught a glimpse of a sign saying "Platform 9 3/4" and immediately rushed ahead of Toni towards the little Harry Potter corner. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day :P We exited the museum and continued walking until we ended up in Nyhavn and decided that it was time to go back over the bridge over the sea. Some pictures from the day:

July 19th: Since a few days back we had decided to go bowling this day. Me, Toni and Love. But first we took a trip to the Sci-Fi bookstore where I found a book by Tim Burton, Cirkeln and a comic book called Courtney Crumrin and Stardust. Stardust I had since before but I wanted it in English and the same edition as my other Gaiman books :) We went bowling at O'Leary's. The mall it's in has only been around for about three or four years and the place felt really new and fancy. I won the first round and Toni the other two:

July 20th: Friday. We had some friends over for a boardgame evening, which turned into a drinking evening. We made a drinking game out of Zombie Dice and then it just went downhill from there :P The evening ended with Subway.

July 21st-22nd: Two days spent doing nothing but gaming and watching movies. Shawshank Redemption, Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary and Edward Scissorhands.

July 23rd: This day I had work. It was an outdoors concert and I got to see ZZTop as well as earning some money. ZZTop isn't one of my favourite groups, but they're cult so getting to see them was kind of cool. I recognised way more songs than I thought I would, but the only ones I could sing along with were Gimme All Your Lovin and La Grange.

July 24th: I did some working and then in the evening Toni and I got on the train north. I slept most of the train ride so I guess I wasn't much of a company to him xD But it was nice being back at his place. Always is.

July 25th: This day we went to visit Kajsa. She stays with her mum in Stockholm during the summer. She had found a swing, just like one we played at when we were younger, and just had to give it a try again. Turned out we couldn't ride for as long as before (could spend hours on that thing). But it was great fun. There was also a small playground version of a cableway that was fun to ride :) Yes, we are ridiculous.
I also got to meet Kajsa's mum and her little poodle doggy, Elsa, for the first time in ages. But it's always great fun. Too bad we couldn't stay longer.

July 26th: We decided to go to Gröna Lund. I LOOOOOVE roller-coasters and we went on every single one of them. Except the new one, "Insane", cause it goes up-side-down. Toni doesn't like it and I don't want to go alone :P But that's alright. It was a great day anyway. Roller-coasters, cotton candy, soft ice and a boat ride. Just great :) In the locker room I found this poster from last year when Alice Cooper did a show there. Some pictures:
The sign on the boat said not to touch the gate. Of course I had to touch the gate. Just cause I can. It felt interesting getting on a boat. For some (obvious) reason a boat always feels a lot less secure than a plane. I've been on a plane almost every year for as long as I can remember. I think I have more fingers than the amount of times I've been on a boat. Still I do love water, lakes, oceans, rivers... So although I'm always nervous, I always enjoy it too.

July 27th: I finally got to go to the beach! Or well, they called it the beach. To me a beach is along a coastline and you go swimming in the ocean. This was lakeside and it was swimming in a lake. But it was still great to finally be able to soak in water outdoors for the first time in 2 years. And it was really cosy doing it with Toni :) Hopefully we'll be back.
Later that evening we went to a birthday party at one of his friends' place. That was an evening with some booze, some crazy people and A LOT of nerd talk. No complaining :P

July 28th-29th: Last two days with Toni. Spent them being cosy, gaming and watching BBT. That series is kind of growing on me. Felt horrible getting on the train. It always does.

Then we have the last couple of days. Went for a check-up at the dentists, then worked yesterday and some today. Been doing everyday normal stuff.

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