Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The generation that doesn't fit

I'm tired of it. Seems like society just refuses to understand that we're a large generation, largest since the 40's, and there's just never enough room for all of us. It always seems to come as a surprise to the politicians and other officials that we're a huge group. I would like to be able to say that I don't notice it that often. But I do. All the time. And I have noticed it throughout my life. Let's take it from the beginning.

Daycare. There weren't enough places at my parents' first choice of daycare. So I got to go to a smaller one. A religious one. Although my parents aren't religious, but it was the only place that was still available.
School. The classes were always too big. I'm assuming that's because they really didn't have enough room for all of us and that was the only way they could manage. Anyhow, from pre-school and all the way to sixth grade my class always had between 27-30 people in it. In 7th to 9th grade they fixed the classes and we were at a comfortable 24 people. Instead, the school had too many classes and too few teachers.
College. Too few places. My class ended up having 32 people in it. We were a handful for the teachers to handle. I don't know if it was us or just the sheer amount of people in one class that made us difficult.
University. Once again too few places and then too large classes. And then too few classrooms that could hold that many people.
Work. It's widely known that the Swedish youth is largely unemployed. Too few jobs. The baby boomers of the 40's seem to refuse to retire, which means that there aren't enough jobs for the second baby boom. It's impossible to just walk into every store in the city with your CV and expect to get a job. Probably you wont even get a call-back. Too many young people ask for jobs daily. They don't even bother calling you up to tell you you're not getting the job
Flats. There are no flats. Well, there are if you happen to have about 100,000 SEK (~€12,000) in your back pocket and you can afford to buy one. If you can't afford one and want to rent one. Then you're in trouble. I've queued for a flat in Malmö for three years. In October I'm finally moving in. Lund is worse. Here you have to queue for 7-10 years to get a flat. The one I and Love live in now, we had to go through the contacts of his dad and there really wasn't much choice. You want one? Then take this one or you wont get one.
Babies. The older people of my generation have started making families. The hospitals can't support them. Not enough rooms for women who just gave birth. Not enough rooms for new dads to stay in after their wives/girlfriends just gave birth.

Are you starting to see the pattern? There probably won't be enough room at the graveyards for all of us in the end and the burial grounds will be sold off at auctions to the highest bidder.

If I want to I can even blame society's refusal to realise we're a large generation for what happened to me in school and how miserable I were. I was very shy and socially awkward as a child. So when school started and I came from a different daycare I was the outsider. Being that shy I never managed to quite fit in and all the other kids already knew eachother from daycare. I was the outsider and I stayed the outsider. And I could blame it all on society. Isn't that just fabulous?

I'm not bitter.

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