Monday, 3 September 2012

Last few weeks of summer vacation

Tuesday August 21st - Friday August 24th I spent working. Mostly 14-hour days. Friday was 16 hours. Four days spent doing nothing but sleeping, eating and working. It's especially tough on the feet! At least this year I had my good shoes... This guy made my day one day at lunch break:
I spent those days complaining about the weather and the Swedish meterological institution for its inability to get things right, whilst the Danish and Norwegian versions managed to get it right... Well, it has occurred to me before that that institution really doesn't care what they say about the southmost part of Sweden... Anyway, since they failed completely one day and said it would be cloudy all day I didn't put on any sunlotion nor did I bring it with me. And my sun rash wasn't late in arriving:
Right and left arm after 7 hours in the sun. After that I had to put on a hoodie as to avoid the sun as much as possible, and although the heat of wearing a hoodie was killing me (it was windy, couldn't have the roof on) it helped a great deal against the sun rash.

Anyway Saturday I had loads to take care of. Errands to run before taking the train north on Sunday evening. I picked up a parcel from Amazon at the post office. In it was my copy of Love Never Dies, the Phantom of the Opera sequel, and my copy of Ramin Karimloo's first solo album. Then on Sunday I got on the train. It was a perfect day for spending 4 hours on a train. Sky completely covered with clouds heavy with rain. I tried to take a picture of it somewhere halfway on the journey, but middle-Sweden is so covered with stupid fir trees that it's technically impossible to get a friggin tree free picture. Anyway this is what I managed to snap, hope you get the idea of the level of cosyness despite the stupid trees:

So I arrived a few days earlier than usual because I wanted to spend as much time as possible with Toni before school started again. I brought some games etc to install on his computer to keep myself occupied during the hours that he was at work. But ofc the first thing I do is to catch a cold. Luckily it was only one of those three-day-thingies so by Wednesday I was pretty much good to go again. Which was somewhat good timing. Celebrating 4 months by watching Magnus Betnér at a local bar :) Thursday we ran around town and Friday we spent gaming. Saturday was party time and the new mandatory song to play at the pre-party is ofc:

Sunday, yesterday, was the day I was going home. Arriving at the train station we realised that there was some technical difficulties and loads of trains were severely delayed or even cancelled. My train was none the different. It should have departed at 6.33pm. At 8.02pm it arrived. I should have arrived at my home station 10.32pm. Instead I arrived at 0.20am. Way to go. On top of that I couldn't sleep until 3am and my alarm clock rang at 8am. 

Kind of crappy ending to an otherwise great week (despite the cold). 

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