Monday, 10 September 2012

Making you feel old

So I wanted to make people feel old.
I am an adult (and have been for almost 4 years) and I:
  • was born after the fall of the Berlinwall
  • have only read of the Cold War in school
  • have never been to school when the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Checkoslovakia were real parts of the map. Also Germany has never been divided.
  • was too young to understand the impact of 9/11
  • was too young to care about the IT-bubble or when it burst
  • am too young to remember when Estonia sank
  • wasn't born at the time of the murder of the Swedish Prime Minister
  • almost can't remember a time when we didn't have a computer
  • haven't gone to school without some techonological device being prohibited in class (first it was Tamagotchis then it was mobile phones and mp3-players)
  • have never used a cassette recorder and I don't know how it's done (but my first walkman was a cassette player)
  • was 12 years old when I got my first mobile phone in 2002. 
  • can't remember my dad not having a mobile phone.
  • can't remember when Sweden wasn't part of the EU

Thing is, yes, I'm young, but I'm still just as much of an adult as you are now. My opinion matters and I'd rather not be put down with the comment: "You're young, what do you know?" Alright, cause although I'm not even halfway through my twenties yet I do know things, I have experienced things and I have the same right as any other adult to be part of your discussions. I'd like the same opportunity to be heard. 

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