Sunday, 9 September 2012

The weekend

I feel like the weekend has rushed by too fast and still it seems like nothing very interesting happened. On Friday I tried to finish with all the homework and hand-outs for the week and make sure I'd really get the weekend off. Except for still doing some revising of some basic Japanese it worked out really well. Then on Friday afternoon I went to my parents to spend the evening with them and also so they could help me buy moving boxes. So now I have the boxes, all that's left is to start packing, but as soon as I got those boxes into the flat my motivation to start packing dropped like a stone.

Friday and Saturday are always days when we celebrate that the weekend is here. So in the evening there's usually some fun shows on TV. Friday there's always some music show and those are usually a lot of fun. Then there's some kind of talk-show. Well, it's not really a talk-show but it's a Norwegian-turned-Swedish guy meeting up with celebreties and talking to them. Among others a member of ABBA and Richard Dawkins were on the show this week and ofc I found it very interesting. Surprisingly I found myself respecting this member of ABBA by the end. Snippet from the show:
After that I saw the movie Hancock for the first time. I feel like I see Charlize Theron a lot lately... But that could just be cause she was in both Snow White and the Huntsman and in Prometheus... On Saturdays there are usually not that many shows, but on the other hand there are loads of movies showing. This night I saw a Lasse Hallström movie called Dear John. Like most of his movies I love them all the way until the ending. Cause his endings are always so sudden and they never seem to make any sense. They leave so much to interpretation that I'm mostly just confused by the sudden appearance of the credits. But the movie in itself was so beautiful. 

Today I got home around 1pm and since then I've been doing some stuff that was worthwhile and some stuff that was just fun. I've decided to pick up writing again, but I'm out of imaginative ability when it comes to my pirate story so I'm just going to go back to my magic school again. I have a new angle all ready-made that I think will make the story a little better - and it will be a series! :D

I also started reading my fourth Abercrombie novel. It's stand-alone and called Best Served Cold. All of his books take place in the same world so the premises are somewhat familiar although not all the characters are. His books are spellbinding :) 

I spent a lot of time last time I was at Toni's playing the Sims Medieval and I've done that today as well. Although the quests get kind of repetitive sometimes it's still really fun to make an entire kingdom instead of just families. 

Tomorrow school is back up and I think I'm prepared for whatever may come. And I need to get started on packing my stuff...

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