Monday, 29 October 2012

More parties, more school and some other stuff as well

Haven't posted anything since midterms. It feels like forever, but it's actually only about a week ago O_o Time flies.

Saturday 20th was a tough day. First there was midterms. It went pretty well I think. But for the last part, grammar, I got one hell of a headache and suddenly I couldn't think anymore and I couldn't understand Japanese anymore. I did half of it half-heartedly and I'm pretty sure I'll have to retake that part of the exam. Hopefully I'll pass the other parts. After I handed in my exam I had to rush to the train station to get on the train to my grandparents' place. It was my grandfather's birthday. It was pretty fun being there, it always is tbh. And I got to play tech-support :P

Sunday I cleaned up and did some laundry. The rest of the day was gaming. I'm level 40 in Skyrim now :P

Monday and Wednesday I was in school as per usual, but I skipped Tuesday and stayed at home to catch up on some studying. Skipping school to study? Welcome to univeristy! On Wednesday I had the opposition on my French dissertation, which went well considering I hadn't actually talked French since May. But now my French dissertation is successfully out of the way. I passed and it's done. All that's left for French now is a resit in November that I'll try my best to pass. But this little trip back to French actually got me wanting to study French again O_o I'm weird like that. Right now I'm not sure whether I'll apply for the Translators' program in French or in Japanese... I guess that depends on how well I do in Japanese by the end of next semester...

Anyway on Wednesday Toni arrived so after my opposition I went to pick him up at the train station and then we got on the bus home. It was his first time seeing my new flat. Just after I moved in he asked me not to spoil anything until he could see it :P But now he has so now it's alright for me to show off my new and awesome flat!

Thursday we spent indoors after I overslept and missed school. First I played some, then Toni played some while I took up writing again on my laptop. I've also started reading fanfics again. That's where my desire to write came from. It all came back when I started reading all those fanfics. Right now I'm totally hooked up on Snape/Hermione :) But getting to write again felt nice and I've even started figure out what to do with my pirate story and it has evolved into the next stage and morphed into more classical fantasy. I've got the bad guy figured out and what he'll do to the world and how it will happen. I'm now considering making that stand-alone novel a series, a trilogy. But that all depends on how much of the story I have in mind I can fit in one novel.

Friday we went to IKEA to buy a kitchen table for me. I spent the afternoon putting it together and the evening was spent with my parents at their place with awesome food, sweets and television :) Classic Friday.

Saturday was partytime. I was a little disappointed when two friends decided to drop out, but the party turned out to be great anyway. A sample of the music played:
After way too much to drink I fell into my bed about 1 am. Successful party was successful. People seemed to have fun anyway and so did I :) Maybe I should do this again?

Yesterday was a very sad day since Toni was going home. It always feels so empty and to see the train leave or be on the train that leaves always give me a great feeling that something's missing. And something, someone, is missing every minute of every hour of every day. 

Today I've mostly been studying and reading fanfics. I'm really feeling like playing The Sims 2 again. Maybe I should leave Skyrim for some time and pick up The Sims 2 again? But for now I'm gonna go do my nails and then we'll see what the evening offers. The night is still young.

Toodles :)

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