Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas baking!

So this weekend I went to my parents' place to do some Christmas baking. It's a tradition of ours and I wouldn't miss it. Singing along to various Christmas songs while making gingerbread and almond cakes :) They had made saffron buns earlier since they wanted those for Lucia, and that was alright. And since they apparantly had to throw out most of the rosettes (struvor) from last year, mum didn't want us to do those this year. So in the end what we did were gingerbread, almond cakes, klenor, Christmas sweets and toffees. I described the procedures last year here and here. Along with a video from last year of the dog eating her beloved gingerbread dough I'll add a bunch of pictures with captions from this year's baking.
Gingerbread in the making
Almond cakes in the making
Doggie playing
Me and my sister making Christmas sweets
Christmas sweets
Christmas sweets
Christmas sweets
Prepared for toffee
Mum making toffee
Enjoying the spoils

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