Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas is on its way ♥♥♥

Been taking a break from my "Why I ♥..." series due to visiting my parents and studying my brains out for the final week race. But I decided to do this post.

Friday, November 30th, I went out to get the first Christmas presents. Walking around in a town slowly getting completely lit up by all the Christmas lights. I find it interesting that the darkest time of the year actually is the time of year with the most light in it. On the way to the bus stop to get home I filmed the largest square and part of the Christmas display, with my mobile. It's quite bad, but the best I could do. On the way home it started snowing. But when I woke up the next day it was all gone.

Yesterday, December 1st, my grandmother had us booked for our annual Christmas dinner at a castle nearby where she lives. This castle is centuries old but has been modified to house a museum and a fancy restaurant. It's (in)famous for its ghost hunts - since it's said to be haunted by several ghosts. Anyway being there always makes me feel like a princess, especially since it's a nice occasion to dress up in a fancy way :) So I was wearing a black sailor-ish dress and boots. Forgot to take any pictures though. The food was delicious as always. Several different kinds of pickled herring, two kinds of salmon, several kinds of ham and all the other Swedish Christmas meats, along with the traditional porridge for dessert. The gingerbread house was shaped as the castle itself, which I thought was really cool! During the dinner it started snowing very hard and the ground started to get white. I love snow and snow on December 1st felt just too good to be true.

I stayed over at my parents' place and when I woke up today the whole place was white and still snowing. Snow makes me so happy! After a thoroughly boring morning watching TV, I went with my mother to the Christmas display in the village centre. It's always very cosy being there and the snow and constant snowing just added to the cosyness. Around 3pm I got on the train back to Malmö (only 5 minutes late!). During the ride I wondered whether there would be any snow in Malmö (warmer due to more houses and closer to the sea), but when I got off the train I wasn't disappointed! Some centimetres of snow on the ground and still snowing. Great! :D When I got home I got my electric candlesticks up while it slowly got dark outside. Christmas is on it's way and I love it.

This is the way I feel pretty much every year with Christmas around the corner:

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