Thursday, 13 December 2012

Why I ♥ purikura and karaoke

I make a combined post for these because like manga/anime/dorama they are internationally known phenomena. Before I went to Tokyo I had never done purikura and never been to real karaoke. But before I left Tokyo I came to love both of them. I don't remember what I did first - purikura or karaoke, but I'll write about purikura first since it comes firts in the headline :P

Purikura is Japanese for print club. Basically they are fancy photo booths. You go inside and then you choose from several backgrounds on a screen inside the booth. The booths differ in sizes, but usually you have quite a lot of room if you're 2-3 people. But it's kind of crowded if you're 5-6 people. Anyway, you choose your background and then you pose at the camera. After you've taken all your pictures you go out of the booth to a smaller booth on the side. There your pictures will appear on a screen and let you design them, with glittery items, texts and funny images. When you're done the pictures will be printed as small stickers and you can also have them sent as images to your mobile phone :) The photo-stickers are also collectables to be collected in a purikura album. I like it cause it's so cute and the stickers are like accessories :) It's also a fun thing to do with your friends to commemorate or just cause you're out in town. These are the ones I have on my computer, but I have several more in my purikura album:

Then there's karaoke. I don't sing very well, but nobody cares in a karaoke booth. A karaoke booth is a room you sit in. Depending on the size of your group (we were usually about 5 people) the room conatins a sofa along the walls and a table in the middle. You pay by the hour. One hour seems a lot but it goes by so very fast if you're many. If you have foreigners they usually give you a book with international and foreign songs too along with the little device that contains the Japanese songs and the mics. Inside the rooms there's a TV and the devices with the Japanese songs control what song shows up on the screen. You choose and then send the song to the TV :P There are usually menus on the table in the room too and after a short while a person comes along to take your order for drinks and/or snacks. It's a lot of fun to take an hour of your day doing this. You can be so very silly and sing off-key how much you want. Once we decided to sing an English song the way the Japanese subtitles indicated. That was hilarious! "Aru-raito!" And a sing-along to some Backstreet Boys song is always appreciated! :D

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