Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Why I ♥ vending machines

In Tokyo there are vending machines literally everywhere. Only for drinks, though, so they are kind of different from here. But there are vending machines both for hot drinks and cold drinks, and sometimes one vending machine can even stock both hot and cold drinks. They are everywhere. At underground stations, along streets, just outside shops, at random places along a pavement in a suburb... But they are incredible. I came to Japan last day of February 2010 and they had their coldest winter in a century. The vending machines with hot drinks came in very handy at that time. Green tea, royal milk tea, coffee, café au lait, hot chocolate... It was perfect.

Then as the weather got warmer the vending machines with cold drinks became life-savers for when you were out shopping or walking around in town. Always having a cold drink around became a habit. Not all of them stock the same drinks. But I fell in love with lemon water (two or three different brands), Calpis Water, Calpis Soda, clear water, sparkling water, strawberry milk, chocolate milk, cold café au lait, ice tea... Oh and Fanta Milk! :D I miss all those drinks and having them only 120-150 yen away. Every morning when I was tired I bought hot café au lait from the vending machine at the school... The café au lait from the machines was so sweet it tasted almost like chocolate :P

I really wish we had vending machines like these in Sweden. Instead of having to go inside some supermarket or convenience store to buy something to drink when you're thirsty, imagine just putting two coins into a vending machine at whatever location and have it instantly. No queues. No waiting around. No small talk. And there's pretty much any drink you want.

Out of all the great things I found in Tokyo and out of all the great things I miss, funnily enough vending machines are some of the things I miss the most xD

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