Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Why I ♥ ...

As I knew I would I grew tired of the series xD I only had four topics left and I have no inspiration for any of them. Those subjects were culture, food, infrastructure and martial arts. But the only one I still feel like blogging about is Japanese food. Mostly cause I love the Japanese cuisine. Everything from nattou to okonomiyaki and ramen.

But except for it being almost impossible to gain weight while staying in Japan. I love that food is such a big deal in Japan. It's not shameful to eat between the meals (like the weekly magazines make it out here) and the idols are often asked what their favourite meal is, what they like to cook and what they usually eat for breakfast. Idols who eat a lot and love food are considered cute. Heck, idols even do songs about food. Like this one when Morning Musume was asked to do a commercial single for a sushi chain:

But this song mentions food, as do this one, and this one, and they're obviously supposed to be eating in one part of this video: 

But I love the Japanese cuisine and I love the Japanese attitude towards food. 

This will be my last "Why I ♥ ..." post since I just don't feel like doing it anymore.

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