Monday, 7 January 2013

Awesome dream and The Walking Dead

I had a dream tonight. A dream I really didn't want to wake up from. I dreamt that I was at an Alice Cooper concert (support: Marilyn Manson). It was outdoors and for some reason in my teeny tiny hometown. I watched the Manson concert and then I went backstage to try and catch a glimpse of Cooper before the show. He saw me and invited me inside. We talked (can't remember about what), I called my friend Zoy and she came over and then he gave us a bunch of merch :) During the show I was still seated backstage and took lots of photos with my camera. When the concert was over I got to take a picture with him, get his autograph and hug him. Then for some reason the backstage area was in the refurnished living room of my parents' house and Cooper asked me where the bathroom was so that he could take a shower. While he took a shower I started talking to Manson (don't remember about what) and got an autograph, photo and hug from him too before I woke up.
Why did I have to wake up? The entire dream felt so real that I first didn't know where I was when I woke up and then my first thought was that I wanted to check my camera for photos.


Since New Years not much has happened. I've played Medieval II: Total War and Skyrim on the computer, and Skyrim and The Walking Dead on Xbox 360. Finished The Walking Dead yesterday night and now I'm just waiting and hoping for a sequel. The feelings towards the end of the game were pretty much like this:

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