Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Valentine's Day and a party

On Wednesday Toni showed up and on Thursday it was Valentine's. For this day I had talked him into going with me to see Les Misérables (second time for me), and let's just say that he wasn't disappointed and he's been humming "Prologue / Look Down" ever since :P For dinner I had some ideas. My first thought was the Japanese restaurant we went to last time he was here that serves a whole bunch of Japanese courses from sushi and sashimi to tempura, gyoza, kara'age, yakisoba and udon. But since the place is kind of expensive, we ended up having dinner at Casa Mia (which we later realised was kind of cliché - Italian restaurant with Italian music on Valentine's...). Anyway, before dinner and cinema I went and bought myself a new mobile (Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini) and we also made our now mandatory trip to the Sci-Fi bookstore :) Where, most notably, I ended up with the first volume of Sandman. Neil Gaiman goodness! :D

Friday was a very relaxing day. I got some studying done and otherwise we mosyl spent the day watching the first season of Mad Men. I recently bought the box and decided to see if Toni'd like it - he did ^^ Saturday there was a party in Lund planned by my classmates and some of the Japanese exchange students. The idea was that the Swedes would bring Swedish foods and the Japanese would bring Japanese foods and then we could eat eachothers traditional dishes :) I brought Toni along with me and we ended up having quite a nice evening. I only ever took one picture that night - a blurry one of the first set of food on the table:
Something I did realise at the party was that I'm much quicker in forming complete sentences in Japanese than I am in French, which should be strange since I've studied more French than Japanese. But anyway Japanese has always made more sense to me :P Thinking back now I'm kind of impressed with myself by how quickly I must've answered the Japanese students in Japanese, and without really thinking about it either. So either I made a complete fool of myself and saying everything wrong and just imagining I did everything correctly, or I might actually be better at Japanese than I thought.

About the music it started off with Asian Kung-Fu Generation, and then I didn't recognise much until some of the girls started this song:

I'm not a fan of AKB48. But this song is way too catchy to pass up on. Nah, I'm not an AKB-girl. I'm on the MoMusu side. I actually had a short conversation in Japanese about MoMusu and how I've liked them since 2005-ish and how it's nostalgic.

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