Tuesday, 5 March 2013

8 days past

26th and 27th were ordinary school days. On Wednesday the 27th we were to present our subjects for our upcoming dissertations. Mine was a huge success! I'd been worried that they'd (teacher and examinator) think it was too broad, too much, and that I should narrow it down, but instead they loved it! Originally my subject was supposed to be about kogal slang (kogals are Japanese girls in the upper teenage years), but when I was searching for sources to base my dissertation on, I came across a very interesting article about the schoolgirls in the Meiji period (late 1800's). It described how after the Meiji restoration Japanese girls were entitled to better education and the schoolgirls in their late teens developed a kind of slang that was considered vulgar, and not a way for a proper young lady to talk. That slang became what we call Japanese female speech today. After the 1930's that way of talking became how a proper young lady was supposed to talk. That way I became very interested in finding out if the same assimilation of kogal slang could be noticed today. The kogals have been around, roughly, since 1990, and I've already noticed that some female exchange students use words that were originally kogal slang. I want to compare these two types of teenage girls with 100 years between them, find out if they have something in common, if today's youth are aware that some of the words they use in everyday speech originally were kogal slang, and also if the older adult generation are aware of the possible assimilation (since students talk more properly and politely to teachers). So that's basically what I'll be doing the next few months.

On the evening of the 27th I got on the train north to visit Toni, and after a kind of relaxing day on the 28th, we had a gaming night with some friends. We played Zombie Dice, Spank the Monkey, and I have never. On the 2nd we had planned on going out, but instead of having the same old type of pre-drinks we made it another small gaming night and played Zombie Dice, Munchkin Zombies, and I have never, before hitting the bar. Both nights were awesome and I had a lot of fun.
The result of the first evening

On the 3rd we had a stay-in day+night and finished watching the second season of Sherlock. The last episode being just as heartbreaking as last time although I knew how it would end. With Sherlock we had tacos and crisps with dip :) When Sherlock was over we started watching season 6 of BBT. Just as hilarious as ever.

Yesterday (4th) I got on the train home. The train was perfectly on time and the journey went smooth until only 30 minutes remained and they told us over the speakers that there had been an accident between Malmö and Lund and the train would only go to Lund. The time distance by train between Malmö and Lund is 10 minutes. With only 10 minutes to go the entire journey turned to crap. Because of the accident all the tracks were taken at Lund centralstation so the train stood still in the middle of nowhere for about 15 minutes. Luckily, the substitute buses had already arrived so I didn't have to wait. But I still arrived home about an hour later than I would've if some idiot hadn't jumped in front of the train (I assume that's what happened. That's usually what happens when they call it "an accident"). And I still had to do my homework when I got home, which didn't go too well since I was more tired than anticipated when I made that plan.

Despite being terribly tired I still couldn't fall asleep before midnight (as if I ever can), and the alarm went off at 6 am. The day went smooth and I enjoyed talking to the exchange student who visited our last class today. After school I went home before going out again to meet three friends from college. One of them, Tiffany, lives in London and she happened to be in Malmö so ofc we had to meet up :) While having dinner at Mando (great food! O_o) we talked about everything, including memories of our old teachers from college. Can't believe it'll be four years since we graduated... Already!!! Feels like it just happened - and like it was ages ago. At the same time! xD
One of my favourite pictures. 
The day before graduation, which is a day of games and drinking.
Our theme was 'pirates' - can you tell? ;)

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