Wednesday, 20 March 2013

It's been so long

Spring flowers on the 6th
Wow, it's been so long since my last post, but for good reason. On the 7th I went back to Toni's since I had 10 days off from school. The 7th was a really nice spring day and I had the best experience on the train! In Lund (one station after Malmö) a large group of Japanese people get on the train. Turns out they are a bunch of students travelling with their teacher. Anyway, they all have very large suitcases and they have no idea where to put them. I notice so I explain to their teacher, in Japanese, where big suitcases go on our high-speed trains. They all thank me for my help. Then the teacher and I talk for a bit. They are all students at the university and he asks where I learn Japanese. I tell him that I'm a second year at the university. He says that I talk Japanese very naturally (that comment made my day) and that I should study abroad, which brought me to speaking about my time in Tokyo. After our conversation he went back to his seat and I watched PewDiePie-videos on YouTube on my phone all the rest of the way :)

Friday - Tuesday Toni was working and I spent those days working as well! I got started on my dissertation and I have about 3000 words right now. About a third of what I need by May but I have time yet. Those days I made dinner for myself and always made sure to make enough for two so he'd have lunch box for the next day :) Friday - stroganoff with rice, Saturday - chicken stew with rice, Sunday - meatballs with potatoes and sauce, Monday & Tuesday ready-made lunches.

Wednesday we went downtown so Toni could get his passport done so we could get going to London this year. And had sushi for dinner. Then we spent most of the evening watching The Walking Dead. I'm really getting into that series. Thursday was spent pretty much the same way. Except that Toni helped me dye my hair. He also got really into playing Prototype and it's way too exciting to watch xD I also made more stroganoff for dinner. (Who still says I can't cook?!)

Friday was the party day. We went out to buy food and then Toni cleaned the flat while I did some studying. When he was done I made some delicious taco gratin :) Somehow we ended up with a lot of Swedish Disney music. Going out we missed the bus, which turned out to be great cause otherwise we'd never get to see Timo fall on his ass on the ice xD Anyway, when we finally get to the bar we bump into some more friends and make some new ones on the way. The evening turned out to become a sing-along for Swedish Disney songs, Astrid Lindgren songs, Swedish folk songs and some really well-known Swedish pop songs. Some of them are here:

I have no idea how it happened, but it was completely random and totally awesome. The evening turned out great and it's not far from being as amazingly fun as the War of Throwing Whipped Cream.

We spent Saturday ordering pizza and watching The Walking Dead, finishing the second season. Sunday was a bit of buzzkill since I tried to fix our flight tickets and accommodation in London this day but Toni's connection to the Internet kept bugging. After 8 hours of fighting we did come out victorious with cheap plane tickets and cheap accommodation :) After I finished fighting we watched 10,000 BC. I had heard about it, but never watched it. It exceeded my expectations at least :) I liked the feeling of it. On Monday I went back home. I was nervous about the train ride since it had started snowing there and I heard rumours of a storm back home. I was dead set on the train being severely delayed - and ofc it was right on time. 

The night between Monday and Tuesday it started snowing and it has pretty much been snowing ever since. I went north from a city of Spring and come back to a city of snow :( I thought winter was over. I couldn't sleep very well that first night back at home so yesterday was a very slow and sleepy day. Today however was a lot of fun. We're doing a video project for one of our teachers and decided to do a bit of filming before classes today so we met up at 11am and started out. The project is to do one serious video presenting the city or the university (or just our university building and the Japanese department) and one video that can be anything we want. The videos are supposed to be in Japanese (with English subs) and 3-5 minutes long. Our "serious" video isn't that serious. We decided to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme, so our first shootings were of one of us being dressed up as a cute bunny hopping from one important building all the way to our uni building. That rabbit is leading us (young people undecided of what to study) to our building and then we keep seeing it all over the place and running after it, that way presenting much of the place and ending the video with us at the Japanese floor. Our second video is going to be a mini-dorama. The three girls in our group are the Daigaku Rangers (University rangers) protecting the university against evil. The guy is the villain who steals the results of our exams and without the results we won't be able to get our student grants. So we need to defeat him! We even have intro and outro songs along with a pre-planned but maybe not doable commercial break in the middle :P The deadline is April 12th and after that they're going up on YouTube. I'll show our videos then :)

Coming home today I got a surprise. On the floor was a long-awaited letter from India. The first one from a girl that contacted me on this website. I've previously found two Korean pen pals there (but due to life we've had to stop writing and I missed getting letters). It always feels like Christmas opening a letter or a package from abroad :) The letter was really interesting and enclosed with it was a piece from that day's newspaper, some Indian stamps and a really cute pink envelope. Can't wait to write back to her! Picture of today's letter along with some pictures of letters from my Korean pen pals:

Now I'll probably return to watching Friends. I'm at season 9 now. The end is drawing near. Again. T_T Or I might just play something. I can't really decide between The Sims 2, The Sims Medieval, Skyrim and Ys Origin...

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