Wednesday, 17 April 2013

So you're trying to live without oil?

Are you sure you're able to make that commitment?

  • How much fossile fuels were emitted to bring you your food?
  • How many oil based items were used in the manufacturing of your clothes, shoes, gadgets, everyday technology, furniture, hygiene products, etc.?
  • How much fossile fuels were emitted brining you all these items?
  • The asphalt you walk on in your city is made from oil, by walking on it you're using it.
  • Your bicycle doesn't emit anything, but how many oil based items were used to manufacture it? And it's easier to ride a bike on a road with asphalt rather than gravel - once again oil.
  • You have a hybrid or electric car? Still probably has a lot of oil based products in the manufacturing process.
  • The bus drives on bio fuels? Probably same manufacturing process as the car.
  • The train doesn't emit anything. But where does the electricity that it runs on come from? Fossile fuels? And then there's once again the manufacturing of the trains and the railroads, the electric cords and whatnot.
  • Every vehicle can be applied on those.
  • Where does your electricity come from? Fossile or renewable? What goes into manufacturing your light bulbs? Oil based products?
  • What goes into building the machines to harvest the energy from renewable energy sources? Dare I say that there might be oil based products in them?
I'm not saying all these things to avoid responsibility. I want to live emitting as little fossile fuels as possible. But I'm trying to think one step further.

How many plastic items are in the same room as you?

Plastic is oil based.

How many of your clothes include polyester?

Polyester is plastic.

I'm not saying you should stop trying. But stop and consider what it is you're saying when you say you're not using oil. Cause you probably are. One way or another. It's a vicious circle.

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