Friday, 31 May 2013

Final day in school and more

Been almost two weeks since I last blogged again. On Thursday and Friday (23rd and 24th) my class had oppositions on our thesis'. I think it went pretty well. I have some final things to finish and then I think I'm good enough for at least a passing grade. Friday was also the last day for our class to be in school together so we had a sort of graduation ceremony with speeches from the teachers, us giving flowers to the teachers and lots of photos being taken. One of the more memorable moments was one of our teachers starting to cry when we gave her flowers. Anastasia's outfit got lots of exclaims, but it was so pretty ^^ Some pictures from the day:

On Saturday (25th) I had been invited to a school reunion from my 6th grade classmates. In the end I decided not to go. Although I did like some of them in 1st grade, I didn't like many by 6th grade. And although we changed classes by 7th grade almost all of us still went to the same school and by 9th grade I hardly liked any of them. At first I thought about going, maybe it could be fun and hopefully things would have changed in 10 years. But then again I decided against. It's been 7 years since 9th grade, but I still keep those memories and experiences close, cause they remind me never to take my current happiness for granted.
Bloody song makes me cry every time...

On Sunday I went with Toni back north, and then I spent Monday and Tuesday doing the home exam for one of my teachers and handing it in. Wednesday we went to Stockholm. I wanted to find a gift for my sister's graduation and Toni needed new summer shoes. Both of us also wanted to take a trip to the Sci-Fi bookstore and it ended up being a long day with lots of walking that felt really good in the legs :P At the bookstore I bought a short story collection called Unnatural Creatures as well as the first volumes of Black Butler and Code Geass in Japanese - cause I can. I was also really intent on buying a sonic screwdriver, but they were all out :( Yesterday was a really nice warm day and we spent it walking around town, mostly. Giving me very chafed feet from my brand new shoes :( So half the walk was made barefoot xD But I don't mind. I like being barefooted.

Now I'm going to go back to correcting my thesis so I'll be able to hand it in on final deadline on the 7th. 

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