Sunday, 19 May 2013

Summer is here

On Friday I had my final exam and I hope I passed. I'm feeling quite confident about the grammar and linguistics parts, but I may have to retake the reading comprehension/literary history part. Mostly due to not having studied much about literary history (because our teacher said she might ask a question or two, not that half the exam was going to consist of literary history, and also because I had missed one text we had recieved). I will probably get the result from the exam in a couple of weeks, and right now I'm waiting for the verdict on my Bachelor thesis. This upcoming week we have the opposition, which means we'll have to recieve the result as to whether the thesis is good enough to be on opposition. I'm guessing I'll know by tomorrow.

And also, it's soooooo nice not having to study all day every day anymore :D

The exam was at 8 am in the morning and since I live as far off in Malmö as almost possible it takes me about an hour to get to school in Lund. I got up at half past five (TT_TT). I arrived at the exam venue about 25 minutes before the exam started. I had decided that I'd rather get there early and have a quick look through the parts I wasn't 100% sure on. I expected the exam to take 3-4 hours (out of 5) for me to finish, since that's what the last two exams from last semester had taken. I was done in 2 hours. We had decided to go out for lunch after the exam and I was the first one out. So I went to sit on a bench outside. It was just below 20 degrees and the sun was out so the weather was perfect. After 1 hour most of the rest of my class arrived and then after yet another hour the last ones arrived. Then we walked into town together and split up to buy our own lunch take away to later reassemble at the lawn outside the public library :) It was a great time all in all. Although I managed to burn my shoulders and my nose. In the evening my nose was very similar to a clown nose or a stop light, whichever you prefer.

Yesterday the burn had gone down a lot so as soon as I woke up I got dressed, put on sun screen and went outside. I woke up around noon after 12 hours of sleep and it was 25 degrees outside. I walked down to the beach (10 minutes), removed my shoes and walked out into the ocean. There was no cold shock in the beginning, it was just so cool and perfectly tempered. I never got further out than knee-high but it was really great. To let my feet and legs dry I also had my first bare footed walk of the year :)
By the road I put on my shoes again and then I walked into town to by snacks for Eurovision night. Also bought the first popsicle of the year :D Summer is here. And I'll probably hate it in a month or so.

My favourites for Eurovision were Denmark, Russia, Finland, and UK. All for different reasons. Denmark had a cute girl with a cute song with a very catchy flute, and I'm so glad they won ^^ I loved Russia's song just because of the lyrics. I love lyrics and they were just great. Finland's song was an awesome pop song à la Katy Perry with an awesome message. Though, I expected it wouldn't win because of said message :/ And then there's UK just cause I love Bonnie Tyler's voice :) I am a Eurovision freak. I couldn't care less about the Swedish outtake competition, but Eurovision is something I watch every single year. And I agree with Europe; Sweden's song this year wasn't good.

Today I've only been playing Skyrim. Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim. Can't get enough of that game. Especially now with all the expansion packs added. Here are some awesome pictures I've taken:
And today I've also put up the Hogwarts crest Toni gave me for our anniversary. So I'll just leave a picture of it here and I'll also share a YouTube clip which has had me smiling for a very long time:

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