Monday, 10 June 2013

Sister's graduation, graduation memories and more

First post of June and it's already more than a week in! Whew! Stuff has happened though.

1st-4th Toni was working and I spent most of that time reading Red Country by Joe Abercrombie and playing Skyrim. After I finished Red Country I got working on Prince of Stories, which is a biography of Neil Gaiman's works (not him, his works). On the 3rd Toni redyed my hair red and I also got the result from my exam last month and I recieved the highest grade!!! :D PARTY!!! :D:D:D:D

On the 5th we got on the train going back home. But twenty minutes in on the journey the train has to stop in a small town called Gnesta due to a grass fire close to the tracks further ahead. We ended up staying in Gnesta for 2½ hours since that's how long it took before the firesquad got control of the fire and could put out the part closest to the tracks. We were both pretty sick of Gnesta by the time we were allowed to leave that place. When we arrived in Malmö we had spent 7 hours on the train instead of 4. The train was close to 3 hours late. Just getting off the train almost called for celebration xD

On the 6th it was the National Day of Sweden, and Swedes suck at celebrating that so we didn't even bother xD We spent the day putting up a party tent (pavillion?) in the garden of my parents' house. And placing benks and tables in it. All preparing for my little sister's college graduation the day after. As a reward we got to eat my Dad's BBQ :D In the evening I also finished the last pieces of correction on my thesis and sent it to my teachers. Now I'll just have to wait to recieve my result.

On the 7th we met up with my parents and grandparents in central Malmö. My sister's school didn't have any steps to run out on (as is the tradition) so they went around the canal and ran out on the steps close to the canal in the city centre. Some hugs and pictures later my sister went on her truck with the rest of her class and when the truck started driving away we went to the cars to go to the reception at my parents' house. Some pictures from greeting her on the steps (and I'm also wearing my graduation hat):
We got to my parents' house and the first ones to show up were the orchestra which my sister is a member of. They have this tradition that they go on each other's graduations and play for each other. It's kind of cute. My sister was the last one to arrive ofc in a car driven by her "not yet but possibly" (correct term) boyfriend. With Skrillex on the highets volume xD When she arrived she first got to direct a song played by the orchestra. She indicated the speed only, which meant that the song got really funny when she told them to go veeeeery slow xD Then it was finally time for food and I seated myself with childhood friends (who are also the children of my dad's best friend) and the oldest one's little daughter. She looked so incredibly cute with my hat on her head that I just had to snap a picture of her.
Then we got a ride back to Malmö and got on the bus home. The rest of the evening was spent watching Doctor Who and then falling into bed. And the entire day all I could think of was: How can it already be four years since I graduated?! I mean it feels both like yesterday and as if it's been forever. But specifically at her graduation it felt like "I just did that!!"

On the 8th we had originally planned on going swimming in the ocean since the last two days had been scorching hot. But it turned out not to be so warm this day and I found out that the beach close to where I live mostly is a children's bay. It never goes deeper than knee-high and then it's full of sea-weed :/ We spent the day reading and gaming instead.

Yesterday Toni went back north (I'm going back north on Wednesday) and it doesn't feel as bad as it usually does. Probably cause I know it'll only be two days 'til I see him again and not 10 as it usually is. I spent the rest of the evening playing Skyrim and I think I'm getting close to the end now :o Both in Skyrim and on Solstheim. And that's also what I'll be doing today - continue gaming :)

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