Sunday, 22 September 2013

Dad's 50th

So we just got back to my flat from celebrating my dad's 50th birthday. Actually, his birthday is in June, but he's always so very busy during the summer months that he always celebrates it in autumn xD So since it was his 50th he and Mum decided to have a big party. It didn't turn out to be that big. The family is pretty small since both Mum and Dad don't have any siblings. So all in all I think we were about 30 people.

The party started in 6pm and we got there a bit earlier. The first few hours were mostly about food. All the food was amazingly delicious. For entrée there was some kind of shrimp dish that was really really good. Main course was meat and potato gratin. I could kill for that potato gratin, it was soo good! :3 The dessert was raspberry sorbet. Omnomnom! :3

Then there was dancing. Neither Toni nor I dance, but I was dragged onto the dance floor by my dad, and I did one dance with him. My little sister was dragged there too. While the adults were dancing (we're not adults! ;)) we spent most of the time hanging out, getting drinks from the open bar and eating snacks :P

Around 1 am people started leaving and Mum and Dad ordered two taxis. They had booked three hotel rooms for the night along with breakfast. The hotel was more of an inn in the middle of nowhere, but it was really fresh and really nice :) Toni and I got one room, my sister and her boyfriend had one, and my parents one. We fell asleep pretty much immediately.

Today we woke up to a pretty chilly view. We stuffed ourselves at breakfast. I'm not usually very hungry in the morning and I'm not a very big fan of food when I've just woken up, but luckily enough I was today :P After breakfast Dad drove us back to my hometown and from there we got on the train back to Malmö.

The view from our window

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