Sunday, 29 September 2013

Moving again!

Yesterday I moved north! I moved in with Toni :D These past few weeks I've spent putting most of my flat into boxes and making sure my little sister can rent my flat second hand from me. So as to keep my flat as a back-up in case things don't work out. Friday we packed all the boxes into a trailer attached to Dad's car, and then we (Toni and I) spent the night at my parents' house. We all got up at 6 am yesterday to travel north. It's really far and the trip took about 6 hours by car with trailer xD We arrived around 1.30 pm and started unloading the trailer. Toni and I slept in the car pretty much the whole trip xD

The first thing I did when we arrived (after getting all the boxes inside) was to start reassembling my bookcase. It was too big and too heavy to get out of my flat in its assembled state so I had to take it apart. Lucky for me that I use Ikea furniture xD While building my bookcase with the help of my parents Toni's mum, older sister and three nieces arrive to say hello. Soon after they left my parents leave too to return home south. After they've gone I pretty much pass out on the bed and sleep for a couple of hours, before waking up and start unpacking again.

Today we've been to dinner at Toni's parents. It was also a sort of goodbye dinner to his younger sister who's going to Australia for three months. His older sister and her husband were there too, along with the three little girls. We had a lot of fun playing with them. Especially the littlest one seem to like me :D It gets pretty wild playing with three girls aged 10, 7 and 4 xD But I had lots of fun.

We stopped by the supermarket on our way home to buy some celebratory snacks and soda :) I now live with my boyfriend! :D

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