Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Return of the glasses

After using only contacts for 5½ years, I've now slowly started to pick up my glasses again. It feels weird. But I don't feel uncomfortable wearing them, and I actually went outside wearing glasses yesterday.

I used to hate my glasses, cause I put into them everything that I hated about myself in my early teens. How shy I was. How I was too scared to speak up. How I couldn't tell them to fuck off. The glasses symbolised how miserable I felt and how ugly and disgusting they made me feel and believe that I was. So when I finally picked up contacts in early 2008, I put all of those emotions into my glasses and they became the symbol of all of that misery. I used to hide behind them, and in getting contacts I stepped out from under their cover. I felt prettier without them, more confident without them.

Now I'm starting to pick up my glasses again, but not because I feel that way again. I'm not miserable. I just feel like wearing glasses sometimes, and there's no double meaning in the glasses. They don't siginify anything anymore. They're just glasses.

Does that mean that all those hurtful things are finally starting to come off? I'd like to think so. It's time to move forward.
It's funny to look back now and realise that I didn't think myself pretty back then. 
I was adorable :P


  1. Maww du var ju urgullig x3

    Va tråkigt att du fick känna så :c glassögon är charmiga tycker jag! :3

  2. Tycker själv att glasögon är ganska charmigt numera :P Men det var så mycket negativt med dem på den tiden...


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