Sunday, 17 November 2013


My birthday came and went this year too. Actually I had a prolonged celebration this year.

On the 8th Toni decided to give me his birthday present so that I could use it before travelling south the week after to celebrate my birthday with my family. I got a pair of new headphones for my computer (the ones I had were only working on one side). They're really nice and I like them a lot ^^ Then on the 14th we bought a cake (frozen premade thingy but still very delicious) and in the evening we had some crisps and dip while watching Heroes. It was a really cosy evening so I'm content.

The reason why we had a separate celebration was that he was working during my birthday and thus couldn't come with me to my parents. On the 15th I got on the train south and after 4½ hours (the train was delayed ofc) I arrive in Malmö and got on the train to my hometown. I was so so tired so after a delicious dinner, some sweets and pretty traditional Friday television I fell into bed. On my birthday on the 16th I woke up around 9.30 to help around the house before the grandparents and my sister arrived. They arrived around 1 pm and then we sat down to eat. Traditional southern Swedish goose dinner. Since my birthday isn't that far off from the day called "Mårten Gås" when we traditionally eat goose in Sweden, it was fitting. And ofc very delicious! ^^ For desert we had my mom's homemade apple pie ^^ (Swedish apple pie is not at all like the American version).

Then I opened my gifts. A black/white laser printer from my parents (very needed since we don't have one), a polaroid camera, Lordi's 2011 album, and Avril's latest album from one set of grandparents, The Hobbit Extended version, Frankenweenie and 200 SEK from my other grandmother, and then finally Eldritch Tales by H.P. Lovecraft and Les Misérables movie from my sister. All in all a very successful birthday ^^ I tested out my new camera almost immediately and it felt so old school and nostalgic to having to have the camera pressed against my face for taking pictures xD But it was really cool having an authentic photograph in my hand only minutes after I took the picture. Great fun and hopefully I'll get much use out of it!
So now I'm 23 and people keep asking me how it feels. They do that every year and I always tell them that I don't feel any different. I still feel the same way that I have for the last 3-4 years. Does that mean I'm still 19 in my head or does it mean I've always been mature? xD


  1. Grattis i efterskott dårå!

    Har också Eldritch Tales by H.P. Lovecraft! Har inte hunnit läsa än dock.. men ändå! :3

  2. Tack! :3

    Läser Necronomicon för tillfället och tycker jättemycket om den så ville ha nästa samling också xD


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