Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Sunday 22nd: Toni and I got on the train and it was a completely pain-free trip south. My dad met us at the train and drove us home :) It was nice meeting my parents again and after some talking we went all went to bed. (We arrived pretty late).

Monday 23rd: The day before Christmas Eve is typically spent decorating the tree in my family. My sister and her boyfriend arrived around noon and not long thereafter we got the tree up and started decorating it, while listening to Christmas songs from the CD that we have listened to every year for as long as I can remember. After the tree was done we started decorating the house and putting presents under the tree. When everything was done and ready we had a few hours to go before dinner so my sister suggested we'd play some games. We ended up playing two quiz games. One of them being Trivial Pursuit. In some weird way I managed to win both! :D Then it was time for dinner. My family always has a sort of big Christmas buffet on the 23rd. Dad fixed everything on the kitchen counter and then we could all eat to our hearts' content! I love Christmas food. After dinner we decided to play some Mah Jong. Mah Jong is also a Christmas tradition in my family :)

Tuesday 24th: In Sweden Christmas Eve is the big day. This is the day we celebrate the holiday. Christmas Day and Boxing Day are just nice days off from work that comes along after the celebrations. It always works out the exact same way, and although I could just redirect you to an old post of mine I'll take you through the day. It begins with my sister and the orchestra playing Christmas songs in the Municipality Hall at noon.
When that's over we all return home and start preparing ourselves, the house and the dinner for the grandparents who usually arrives around 2.30pm. Ten minutes before 3pm we're all seated in the sofa in front of the TV. All of us drinking hot mulled wine and having ginger bread cookies. At 3pm the Donald Duck Christmas show starts. It's been on since the 50's and watching it every year is something generally all Swedish families do. It's on for an hour and afterwards we prepare the dinner.
Around 5pm we start to eat. First a small dish with a piece of everything that's usually on the Christmas buffet table. Second, stockfish with mustard sauce and potatoes. I hate stockfish, but everyone else loves it so I have to deal with it every year. Thirdly, the Santa porridge ^^ The best part. This year when dinner was done my dad dressed up as Father Christmas and went next door. Our neighbour had asked him to be Father Christmas for his grandchildren ^^ When he came back my sister put on the outfit instead and started handing out our presents from underneath the tree. She's the youngest and adamant there should be a Father Christmas handing out the presents. So she gets the job done xD
This year the best presents indubiably came from my parents (Nintendo 3DS + Pokémon X) and Toni (the Alice Cooper biographies and two new games). When the presents were all handed out and opened the sweets arrived. We ate and talked until about 11pm when both grandparents had gone home and the rest of us went to sleep.

Wednesday 25th: When I got up and downstairs I found my parents and my sister seated in front of the TV wartching Ronja xD It's a kids' movie based on the novel by Astrid Lindgren and it was one of my favourites growing up. When the movie ended we went to my sister's boyfriend's parents for a second Christmas dinner. After lots of more delicious food we ended up staying there until about 5.30pm. My sister and her boyfriend stayed there and after we arrived back home we started playing some games: Retro and Ticket to Ride. We also gave my parents brand new hot tub outdoors a try! It was amazing but terribly cold when one got out of the water!
Thursday 26th: When we got up today we packed our bags and cleaned up our room before going downstairs. We played some Mah Jong before lunch and then some Svea Rike before my parents gave us a ride to the Central Station. Our train was on time and after a completely pain-free trip we arrived back home in Södertälje. We both unpacked and after a quick going-through of our pages on the internet we both fell into bed.

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