Sunday, 8 December 2013

Weekend stuff

This weekend has been great! On Friday we had a bunch of people over for a party. Music and drinks and talking, which was all great. Two of our friends had recently played Amnesia: The Dark Descent together and I had recently tried it out too (I still don't see why people think it's so scary), so they wanted to show a video of a guy being completely terrified (it's fun to watch but I don't get it) and another one of our friends got terrified of just watching the video so I had to go with her out on the balcony so she could smoke! xD

Around 10.30 pm the taxi we had ordered showed up. We had decided to take a taxi since the rain from the day before had frozen and the streets were basically made of ice. Even sober we had to walk like old men as to not fall over, and after a few drinks... Well, we decided it would be better for everyone if we called a taxi. The taxi showed up and it was a normal-sized one. We had ordered a taxi for five people i.e. a big one. So one of us decided to walk there (he walked fast! O_o) while the rest of us got in the taxi. When we got out of the taxi we stumbled into a friend of our friend and she tagged along. And somewhere around there Toni and a friend started a beer war, which ended with her throwing her half-full beer can at Toni's back causing half his jacket to get beer on it! xD We arrived at the pub almost the same time as the friend who had walked (told you he walked fast) and ordered some drinks. There were no tables in the front and so we had to sit in the back where there were no speakers for the music :/ But after a while a group of young people (18-20) showed up and we ended up making our own music having a song battle. Some of the songs we sang:

It was all a lot of fun and before we knew it the time was 1 am and the pub was closing. Toni, I and our walking friend ended up at Kebab House for a night snack and while there one of us (don't know who started) got the idea to throw the ends of the peppers at each other. Before I knew it I had a tomato thrown at me xD It bounced off my head and ended up stuck to the wall next to me. I got sauce and tomato seeds in my hair but it didn't matter. None of us could stop laughing about the fact that the tomato was stuck to the wall xD This is now known as the Tomato Incident and it shares a very special place with the Cream War.
After the Tomato Incident the three of us (still laughing) got ourselves a taxi back to our place, where we had one final drink and had a blast with Toni's phone app called Instant Buttons.

Yesterday we had originally planned a boardgaming night where I was going to be Keeper for Mansions of Madness for the first time! But Toni was hungover and although I felt just fine I too thought it would be nice with a relaxing day. So I played Skyrim and Toni played Battlefield 4 most of the day. There was a break where we ordered pizza online and then in the evening we cosied up in the sofa having crisps and dip while watching Studio Ghibli's Ponyo for the first time. It was so adorable! I know it's based on H.C. Andersen's fairy tale The Little Mermaid as is Disney's movie. But I'm not sure which I prefer. Ponyo has that Japanese weirdness which Disney's version does not, which makes it interesting in a way Disney's version isn't.


  1. Låter som en awesome kväll! och en typisk bakfylledag x) Men dem är ganska mysiga dem också, på sitt sätt.
    Ponyo verkar fett mysig också, tack för tipset!

  2. Det var en awesome kväll :) Med rätt folk brukar det bli det ;)

    Majoriteten av Studio Ghiblis filmer är supermysiga! Så kolla in fler än Ponyo om du inte redan har det! ^^


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