Wednesday, 1 January 2014



The first day of 2014. Yesterday we had a big New Years party which was a lot of fun. Mostly we talked, drank, listened to music and blew up some fireworks, but for a while we also played Cards Against Humanity. It's a card game with a pretty dark sense of humour. Anyway it fits right in!

With 4 minutes to go most of us went outdoors to watch the fireworks and blow up some of our own. And I got my New Years kiss from Toni :3 And then a kiss from a girl ^^ After some time hanging out outdoors we all went back indoors and some hours later people started leaving for home. But not before we had an awesome 90's marathon complete with dancing! :D 
Around 5 am Toni and I went to bed, though I couldn't sleep until 9 am -.-' and then I woke up at 2 pm and couldn't go back to sleep so half an hour later I went up and started cleaning up the mess from the party. 

I was done around 4.30 pm and that's when I woke Toni up and tried to order pizza online. Which proved very difficult. The server was too busy and kept crashing (it felt a bit like the university application site on the last day of application). A process that should take a couple of minutes ended up taking almost an hour and by the time we managed to get an order through I was pretty pissed :P But the restaurant was quick and after barely 30 minutes our pizzas arrived. Pizza was heaven. It was the first time in a long long while I had ordered a pizza with salami on it, but omg it was so good :3 Toni and I spent some time in front of the TV watching Police Academy and some AFV :)

Now I'm off to play some games and maybe plan some early posts of 2014 concerning what I left behind in 2013 :)

Happy New Year! :D


  1. My new year's was pretty much the same, except that no one was sober enough to set off the fireworks when midnight came.:)
    And I had work the next day, at 9! Cruel.
    Keep writing in the new year, Elin.:)

  2. There's no taking a day off as a med student is there? :P


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