Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How much of a classic stereotype girl am I?

Favourite childhood toys
I wasn't a big fan of dolls of any kind. I loved Lego. I played with cars, Pogs, Pokémon cards, building blocks, K'nex, marbles and waterguns. I jumped from swings, climbed trees, climbed to the top of the roof of the slide of the playground (climbed to the top of anything really), ran so fast down hills that I fell and rolled the last part. I loved wrestling with my friends (though I always lost). I loved snowball fights and wrestling in the snow trying to push the opponent's face into the snow, forcing snow down collars etc. I loved to race my bike and then pull the brakes so hard that the bike slided over the gravel. I went on my inlines to the local skate park. I also loved to play-pretend that I was a pirate, or at Hogwarts.
Childhood heroes
Mulan and Albus Dumbledore
Childhood dream jobs
Military, marine biologist, archeologist, author, translator

Skirts and dresses
I've always preferred pants. Even now when I'm a little more open to skirts and dresses than I've been before, I still feel more comfortable in pants and shorts. Partly because I can sit, stand, whatever however I want. Partly because pants have pockets and that's a rarity in skirts and dresses. I love pockets.
No. The only time I use a handbag is when I have too much stuff to bring for it to fit in my pockets. And I still prefer messenger bag-ish handbags and backpacks over actual handbags.
I hate high-heels. Not just because I become freakishly tall in heels, but because they hurt and are incredibly uncomfortable and totally impractical. I also prefer to buy my winter shoes and boots as unisex, since girl shoes tend to have a sole so thin that if you stand still for too long your toes'll freeze anyway. You might as well go barefoot. My favourite shoes are Converse (for spring and summer) and Dr. Marten's (for autumn and winter).
I've never used foundation, powder, rouge, concealer, lipstick, lip pen, eyebrow pen, eyeliner/dipliner, false lashes, or any type of beauty cream. The only things I use nowadays are kohl and mascara (a mascara that only makes my lashes darker, not longer). I have one lipgloss that I've had for so long I don't even remember where I got it - that should tell you how often I use it. I have black nail polish, which I use occasionally. I also had a period in high school when I used eye shadow. I hate long nails and keep my nails really, really short, I also don't like fake nails. I hate to have gunk in my hair and all I use is schampoo and conditioner. No mousse, no spray, no gel, no wax. I don't do that. But generally my bf uses more make-up than me.
I like clothes. Goth, steampunk, metal clothes. I love skulls, studs and chains. Studs and skulls are becoming somewhat popular, I've noticed, but I've been dressing like that for the past 10 years. I don't care about uggs, crocs, bleached hair, duckface, and fake tan (I'm not even sure if I could get a fake tan). I don't like colour on my clothes. I own two white T-shirts. The rest is black. I would never ever even get the idea to walk around in nothing but leggings and a T-shirt. I also think that the only way pink works is if it's mixed with a lot of black, like a pink print on a black t-shirt.

Weddings and babies
Nope. I haven't planned my wedding. I haven't thought about the dress, the reception, the place, the ceremony. Ever. Two years ago I didn't even want to do the marriage and children thing. The only thing that crosses my mind when I consider my wedding is that I don't want to wear white.

I'm not very good with it. Not the classical thing that is. An evening with a slasher or superhero movie and some snacks is good enough. Don't even need to light a candle. I've never enjoyed romance novels och romantic movies or chick-flicks. Sure I read some adult romance novels when I was 11, but that was because I was curious about the sex! Not cause I cared about the romance :P

My favoured sitting position is indian sitting (skräddarställning). I do this in my computer chair, in the sofa, on the floor... anywhere possible actually. I'm not afraid to burp out loud or bite my nails.

I love food. I love to eat. I'm not picky and I eat what I am served. I hate diets and I would never want to be on one. I don't count calories. I eat what I like and what I want and that's that.

Household chores
I learned to cook about 1½ years ago. That's the first time I actually had to. Still, I don't enjoy cooking and I just see it as some kind of necessery evil so that I can do the eating that I like without getting broke because of take-outs. Most of the food I cook is from semi-finished products anyway. I clean if I have to, but I don't see the problem with dust bunnies or sheats that are long overdue a change. The only thing I'm kind of picky about is having the kitchen clean, cause if I have to cook to be able to eat I sure as hell don't want to do it in a dirty kitchen.

Dogs or cats
I'm a dog person, I don't like cats. But I really don't like the tiny little accessory dogs. If I want a dog I want a real dog. I would love a newfoundland.

Games. Favourites right now are the Elder Scrolls-games, the BioShock-games, Dishonored, Long Live the Queen, Heroes of Might and Magic, The Walking Dead, the Total War-games, and Shadowrun Returns.
Books. I love horror and epic fantasy. Favourite authors right now are Joe Abercrombie, Neil Gaiman and H.P. Lovecraft.
Horror or adventure. I also like superhero movies.

Something that's decidedly "girly"
Loving Avril? Loving bunnies? Loving Hello Kitty?


  1. Kul test! Snodde det! x3

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  2. Jag hittade på det själv :P

    Ska bli kul att läsa ditt också! ^^


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