Thursday, 1 May 2014

A few cosy fun days - new books, cinema and party

On the 29th Toni and I celebrated our two years anniversary by going to Stockholm and seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on cinema. Of course there were some gifts too and a trip to the Sci-Fi bookstore. Because, if you're in Stockholm, you have to go there. I got three new books; Mistle Child by Ari Berk, Trinity Rising by Elspeth Cooper and Burton & Swinburne in The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man by Mark Hodder, and the 6th issue of The Sandman by Neil Gaiman.

Mistle Child is the sequel to Death Watch and the second book in The Undertaken Trilogy. The first book wasn't incredible but it was a really nice read and I wanted to know what would happen next.
Trinity Rising is the sequel to Songs of the Earth and the second book in the Wild Hunt series. I adored the first book, which to me felt like a modern version of The Belgariad. Not modern like it was set in modern times, because it was still the medieval fantasy setting, but modern in the sense that the language and execution of the book felt more 21st century. That a series feels like The Belgariad is high praise from me since The Belgariad was the series that got me into fantasy in the first place. I had read Harry Potter before that which had put the door ajar, but reading The Belgariad slammed the door open. And for a really long time David Eddings was my favourite fantasy author. So if Elspeth Cooper would read this for any reason I would want her to feel proud of herself :P
Then there's The Clockwork Man. I'm currently reading Burton & Swinburne in The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack. Burton & Swinburne is a steampunk series and I haven't even read 200 pages yet, but the first book is already so amazing that I felt no hesitation whatsoever to buying the sequel early. Barely 60 pages in I was already in love with the book. It's a steampunk/fantasy/mystery/detective novel, and it's incredible.
Finally, the 6th issue of Neil Gaiman's graphic novel The Sandman. The issues keep getting better and better. Vol 5 was incredible with its Oz elements. Vol 4 was heart-breaking with the final solution to the Morpheus/Nada relationship. Although it will feel empty when I have read the 10th volume, there are still so many spin-offs and extra content from Sandman that could keep me going in that universe for a long while even after the original series has ended. Gaiman never disappoints.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was incredible. A perfect combination of amazement, laughter and tears. Superhero movies is our thing and it's more often than not that we go to the cinema to watch superhero movies.


Yesterday was Walpurgis Night, which actually is an observed holiday in Sweden. I don't know why historically and I have no idea why we still celebrate it or how we came to celebrate it in the first place. Nowadays it's mostly an excuse to get drunk. Last of April is known as National Drinking Day and First of May is known as National Hangover Day.

Except for being a bit chilly the weather wasn't too bad. We had some people over for drinks, talking and music. Anna was here for the first time so I got a chance to show off all my Harry Potter and Doctor Who stuff :3 Around 10.30 pm we walked downtown to the bar next to the central station where we usually go. The music is usually good and the company is always great. When the place closed at 1am we went to the place next door and ordered kebab with fries and then got on a taxi home. Back home Toni, Ricky and I had a cosy night talking about everything, having one last beer/cider and listening to some slow and good music. We all fell into bed a bit past 4 am. All in all a really great night.

Today only pizza and computer games are planned. Sounds like a great day that too :D


  1. Valborg firades från början för att blota till gudarna för att få bra skörd xD Därav brasan osv. Tydligen XD
    Hade också en jättetrevlig valborg med gott sällskap här och sedan krogen med dem :3 VI planerade att grilla för det var fint på förmiddagen men sen började det snöa :c XD Men det blev bra ändå!
    Bakisdagen spenderades med pizza och spel också x)

    1. Haha, jaså! xD
      Jag hörde om snö lite längre norrut, men vad jag vet så slapp vi den. Hade en hel del regn dock så det blev ingen grillning här heller, även om vi funderade på det till en början.


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