Saturday, 3 May 2014

Crush the stereotypes!

Long hair isn't feminine
Short hair isn't masculine

Skirts aren't feminine
Pants aren't masculine

Make-up isn't feminine
Shaving isn't masculine

Cooking isn't feminine
Tinkering isn't masculine

Tears aren't feminine
Violence isn't masculine

Caring isn't feminine
Aggression isn't masculine

Unicorns & rainbows aren't feminine
Superheroes aren't masculine

Romance isn't feminine
"Just the sex" isn't masculine

Marriage & babies aren't feminine
Sleeping around isn't masculine

General fiction isn't feminine
Sci-fi isn't masculine

Deference isn't feminine
Strength isn't masculine

Timidity isn't feminine
Rashness isn't masculine

Pink, red and purple aren't feminine
Black, blue and green aren't masculine

Kindergarten teacher isn't feminine
Military isn't masculine

Fashion interest isn't feminine
Sports aren't masculine

Sushi isn't feminine
BBQ isn't masculine

Wine isn't feminine
Beer isn't masculine

R&B and pop aren't feminine
Punk and metal aren't masculine

My Little Pony isn't feminine
Pokémon isn't masculine

Gossip isn't feminine
Gaming isn't masculine


Estrogen is feminine
Testosteron is masculine

That's all.


What's the first thought in your head after reading this? Let me know!