Monday, 26 May 2014

Europe, I'm disappointed

So elections for the European Parliament yesterday. I'm not surprised at how it turned out, but I'm disappointed that my predictions came true. All along I suspected that the slight rise of racist, nazi and xenophobic parties all over Europe would become an avalanche for the elections. I wasn't wrong. Front National in France was elected and since France is one of the big countries in the EU, Front National alone will get more seats than all of Sweden combined. Also in the UK (UKIP), Greece (Golden Dawn), Poland (Congress of the New Right), Germany (NPD), Denmark (Dansk Folkeparti), Finland (Sannfinländarna), Hungary (Jobbik), and Austria (FPÖ) the same kind of xenophobic racist nazi parties have been successful. The parties in all of these countries make the Swedish "version" seem like a cute little kitten.

What happened the last time Nazis were elected in Germany?

Next year it will be 70 years since the end of World War II, not many remain who remember it. Is it alright that we seem to be on our way to recreate all those horrific things again? Why don't we learn from history? Why are we always so convinced that "this time it will be different"? Am I the only one to realise that the persecution of Muslims and Romanis today is frightfully similar to the persecution of Jews 80 years ago?

I'm generally positive towards the EU. I like the thought of open borders and friendship and cooperation between countries, cultures and people. But after these results I'd rather Sweden left the EU to create a neutral point of view. Stay out of it and don't get affected.

Never again...
They had a frightening desire for genocide
They wouldn't stop til what was left of my family died
Hell-bent on taking over the world
You couldn't hide in the shroud of conformity
We can't forget how we were devastated by the beast
And how we pleaded with our captors for release
We were hunted for no reason at all
One of the darkest times in our history
All that I have left inside
Is a soul that's filled with pride
I tell you, never again!
Their depraved society didn't end up killing me
Scream with me: "never again!"
Not again
A generation that was persecuted endlessly
Exterminated by the Nazi war machine
We will remember; let the story be told
To realize how we'd lost our humanity
You dare to tell me that there never was a Holocaust?
You think that history will leave their memory lost?
Another Hitler using fear to control
You're gonna fail this time for the world to see
All that I have left inside
Is a soul that's filled with pride
I tell you, never again!
Their depraved society didn't end up killing me
Scream with me: "never again!"
Not again
All that I have left inside
Is a soul that's filled with pride
I tell you, never again!
Their depraved society didn't end up killing me
Scream with me: "never again!"
For the countless souls who've died
Let our voices fill this night
Sing with me: "never again"
They aren't lost, you see
For the truth will live in me
Believe me - never again!

My standpoint remains: People are people. Skin colour, religion and sexual orientation don't matter. People are people. And it's always a minority that destroys opportunities for majorities. It's always a minority that confirms people's prejudices. There are assholes and idiots in all the corners of the world. There are assholes and idiots of all religions and all skin colours and all sexual orientations. Your skin colour doesn't define you. Your religion doesn't have to define you. Your sexual orientation doesn't define you. The sooner people understand this the better off we'll all be. 
"Ebola would solve the immigration problems in three months." - Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of Front National in France.
"Women shouldn't have the right to vote." - Janusz Korwin-Mikke, leader of Congress of the New Right in Poland.
"Register all Jews - they are a risk to our national security." - Jobbik in Hungary.
"These degenerate sexual species aren't normal and will never be normal." - Björn Söder, parliamentary group leader of Sweden Democrats, about homosexuality.
"I understand if one doesn't want to live next to Romanians." - Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP in the UK.
"All of our respect to Dominique Venner, whose final and ultimate political action was an attempt to awaken the people of France." - Marine Le Pen, leader of Front National in France, about a man who shot himself in protest against homosexuality.
"Reading aloud from 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' in parliament". - Ilias Kasidiaris, member of Golden Dawn in Greece.
"Most people above the age of 70 have a problem with gay marriage." - Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP in the UK. 
"Rape is an expression of Islamic culture." - Richard Jomshof, criminal political spokesperson of Sweden Democrats. 
"What Auschwitz? Where you there?" - Nikolaos Michaloliakos, leader of Golden Dawn in Greece.
"The Holocaust was just a detail in the Second World War." - Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of Front National in France.
"Send homosexuals and Somalians to Åland." - Teuvo Hakkarainen, member of Sannfinländarna in Finland. 
"You will die here!" - Jobbik demonstration against Romanis. 
"Gay marriage caused floods." - David Silvester, member of UKIP in the UK. 
"The Muslims are our biggest foreign threat since the Second World War." - Jimmie Åkesson, leader of Sweden Democrats.
"Stop Muslim immigration." - Martin Henriksen, member of Dansk Folkeparti in Denmark. 


  1. Joakim Borgström26 May 2014 at 16:57

    **Blogspot ate my first comment, so I'll paraphrase it:

    The saddest part is that the insane influx of right wing extremist parties isn't the only depressing part of this election (though it is the biggest).
    The lack of people voting, the missing information on what the EU actually does, and a general complete disinterest in what the political party you're supporting actually wants to do.

    There's few things that tick me off as bad as people who can't be arsed voting because "It won't make any difference" or "I know how it'll turn out anyway".
    Then they act all smug and complain loudly saying: "See, what did I tell you!" / "How could you guys vote [Racist Party X] into parliament?"

    Well if you'd just gone and bloody voted you'd have contributed to raising the number of votes being cast, lessening how many % of the whole that racist party got maybe?
    If everyone now does this the racist party suddenly only gets an ignorable amount of the votes and can stay in the corner where it belongs.

    I get almost as annoyed by people voting for a party because "They sound like my kind of party."... One of the base reasons all the right wing extremist parties got so many votes is probably because many of their voters have never realized exactly HOW extremist they really are, they're ignorantly listening to the propaganda and never form their own opinion, they just listen to the rhetoric and take everything at face value.

    1. Completely agree with you. I do have the feeling that if there's one election where it feels like your vote doesn't make any difference then it's for the EU, though. But it still wouldn't feel right to throw away a right that I haven't even had for 100 years when the majority of the world is still fighting for the right to vote. So I vote for the only party that I like, although it feels like it won't make any difference.

      People are ignorant towards the EU. The only reason I know about how it works was because I was forced to write an essay on the EU and its workings in 11th grade :P People need more facts.

      Wasn't the participation rate something like 42%?

      Then there's also the issue with big countries vs small countries. Since Sweden is a small country it just magnifies the feeling that whatever we vote for it won't make any difference cause Sweden's voice is too quiet. UK, France and Germany need to step up the most, but unfortunately we can't do anything about that.

  2. Jag är så besviken på EU och även Sverige för hur många röster SD fick, men även hur många som inte röstade... hälften.
    För mig var det dock nice att Fi kom in i EU, kanske främst i dessa kommande EU-tider.

    1. Fi verkar ha en väldigt god chans att komma in i riksdagen i höst också :) Och om man tittar till siffrorna i EU-valet så verkar det bli regeringsbyte också :)

      Men det fanns några små ljusglimtar i EU-valet. Trots hur det gick för SD så gick det också riktigt bra för S och MP :)


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