Monday, 19 May 2014

Weekend in Skåne - Sayonara party and more

A month ago I recieved an unexpected email from one of my Japanese teachers, Murao, at the university. She told me that another of our teachers, Kayo, would be retiring later that year and Murao and our other teachers wanted to throw a suprise party for her at May 15th just after this year's students had finished their final exam. I decided to go there only for that event, but it turned out to be for so much more. It's been an eventful weekend on all accounts. It's also been a very warm weekend and this song always shows up in my head during beautiful spring and summer days:

I went down on Thursday. It all went fine until the station before "my" station. No power between those two stations. No trains could leave and none could come in. I got off the train there and hopped on a bus to my hometown instead. The train was still on the platform when the bus left the station ten minutes later, and the delays were piling up on the arrival boards. Got home to my parents' and had a nice meal with my mum and finished reading a book.

On Friday I got up relatively early. The annual Spring market was in town and I went down to have a look at it and talk some with my dad who was organising all of it this year. Around 1pm I got on the train to Malmö, but this time there was some huge computer problem in the City tunnel and no trains could go there, so my train had to go via the old tracks to the central station in Malmö. It was a nice change to actually see some scenery instead of just a tunnel, but slightly annoying that another train problem happened the day after the first one. In Malmö I went and looked around the station to find the place where I could advance vote for the EU parliament and got that done. After that I had about 5 hours to kill before the party. So I got down to a platform where there were going to arrive some trains bound for Lund. The one I had planned on was supposed to be on time, but a couple of minutes before arrival the speakers announce it's 30 minutes late (probably due to the problem in the tunnel), on the track next to it another train bound for Lund was already waiting for its departure time and I got on that one. By some kind of a miracle that train didn't have to wait around very long until it could depart and I got to Lund after a while. When I went down for the retirement party I had had no idea that the Carnival was on. The Carnival in Lund happens every fourth year and last time it happened it was while I was in Tokyo. I had planned on spending some time there before the party, but then I saw the queue for the tickets and decided against it. Instead I walked around the city in the early summer heat and watched a one man orchestra. I walked around the city centre two times and then I decided to walk up to the university building and walk around there for a while. That's when I bumped into an old course mate from last year's Japanese course. He was also going to the party and since I had nothing to do and he had to head back to his place for a short time, he asked if I wanted to come along and I said yes. We talked and had dinenr at his place before going back to the party. There I saw a lot of familiar faces. Both from when I studied Japanese for the first time in 09/10 and when I studied it last time 12/13. It was a lot of fun to talk to some old course mates again.

We were about 40 people there when Kayo finally came down to the room. She had had no idea about this event and when she came down the stairs and found 40 people applauding her she was very surprised and happy. She went around and talked briefly to everyone. She recognised all of us, even the ones she had taught Japanese almost 10 years ago. There were some appreciation and thank you speeches from students, one pair had even made a song for her, and then there was the scrapbook with messages from all of us that a couple of students from almost 10 years ago had put together to give to her. There was a buffet for all of us, and Anastasia and I went to get a picture each taken with Kayo from our Polaroid cameras. We also grabbed the chance and got a picture with our other two Japanese Japanese teachers :) After Kayo's improvised thank you speech to our show of appreciation I and Anastasia left and stood around outside chatting for a while before we headed home on separate ways. I got home and watched TV with my parents and read a book.

Saturday I met up with an old friend and we had a nice talk and some lunch that was unfortunately cut short, by a girlfriend problem on his part that seemed big to start with so he felt like he had to leave and sort it out. No hard feelings, I completely understand that. So I got home sort of early and could sit with my mum on the terrace and chat and read a book.

Sunday I had planned on just hanging out with my parents and maybe finish a book or two. But I also got to make my very first rhubarb pie. It turned out really great and I was really happy with it :) And my parents both suggested I'd take some rhubarb with me to make Toni one when I got home, and Toni also seemed to think that was a great idea xD So I'm gonna do another one tomorrow :P I did finish one book too however and got well into a second one.

Today I've mostly been on trains. Train from hometown to Malmö. Train from Malmö to Södertälje and then train from the station to the centre where I could take a bus home. Since I got home at around 6.30pm I haven't done much. I haven't even unpacked yet. All I've done has been to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and some new episodes of Mad Men. I have a lot of blog posts planned since the weekend and a lot of writing too. Promises to be a good week :)

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