Friday, 13 June 2014

Graduation is in the air - have some memories

It's graduation time. Everywhere I turn I see people talking about their secondary school graduation or their college graduation or university graduation, or that they're going to some friend's or family member's graduation, and it brings back memories to all my own graduations.

Where I'm from we had one school for 1-6 grades and then one for 7-9 grade. 10-12 grade is college and works completely different. Everytime it was time for a class to switch school there was a sort of graduation.

I remember my 6th grade graduation when we spray dyed or teacher's hair and beard neon pink and then dressed his car in toilet paper. All of the 6th graders on the school had come up with the plan that during our entrance to graduation we'd make the alarm sound on the building and then run in with scarves covering half our faces. Like in cowboy movies. Every class had made a song to our teachers and the years we had had in that school. The others' songs were funny and happy, ours was kind of sad. We had a reputation of being the problem class of our year group and a substitue teacher could never last long with us. So our song kind of asked for forgiveness for being so troublesome :P 6th grade graduation was a big day for me, cause it was one of very few days that I actually felt like a part of the class and not just some outcast appendage.

9th grade graduation lasted a few days actually. One day we had the big masquerade parade through town. I was dressed as an elf, with long sleeves and flowing skirts and curly hair and a circled band around my head. In the afternoon the same day (or maybe it was the day after?) we had the annual brännboll tournament against the teachers. Teachers one team, 9th graders one team. We won ofc :P Then there was the day with the actual graduation ceremony. Grades being handed out, teachers making speeches, students and teachers saying goodbye. Then in the evening we had a graduation ball. Three course dinner and a dance floor, and since it was either the world cup or the european cup in football at the time and Sweden was playing that night we also had the game on a big screen in the dining room. The fact that Sweden won that game only added to the celebration, and it felt great although I couldn't care less about sports. There was no alcohol served at the ball, but some people had brought it with them anyway. The ball ended about 3am and that's when we were picked up and taken home. I remember I slept until 3pm the next day. But all I felt from graduating 9th grade was relief that it was over and that I would never have to see any of those people again. I felt free.

Then there's the big one. College graduation. I can't believe it's over 5 years ago now... It feels like an eternity has passed, but at the same time when I think back it feels like it wasn't that long ago... The sun was shining all day and I got terribly burned by it. My shoes chafed awfully and I was forced to walk barefoot through Malmö after my shoes had created blisters and then chafed through the blisters until they drew blood. So yeah. But the graduation photos turned out good. We were the last class to run out on the steps in my school. But it was worth the wait. Running out on the steps shouting, singing, jumping around and hugging each other. Then finding my way through the crowd to my parents, friends and family who put lots of gifts around my neck (mostly flowers). Then off again to the truck to ride and dance on it through the entire city. Lots of singing and hugging and even some crying. Then got picked up and taken home by my dad to where all my friends and family were gathered. Then there was food and more presents. It was glorious. We had a ball a few days before graduation, but I didn't go. I had that ball in 9th grade. Didn't need another one. Then there was also the game day a couple of days ahead of the actual graduation where my class was dressed up as pirates. And then there was the graduation dinner too, with all the speeches and flowers that we gave to all our teachers. That was awesome and so much fun. I miss my class, we were crazy, but we were so great. So I'm gonna put my home made video here.

Never mind me having short blonde hair and glasses for the first half of the photos and then blonde hair and no glasses for the rest of it. Instead of no glasses and red hair ;)

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