Monday, 14 July 2014

Gaming, reading, shopping and a festival

Alright so I haven't blogged for two weeks basically. Well, there's been a lot of stuff going on. Summer tends to do that :P Last week I spent in the south visiting my parents among other things and the week before that sort of just disappeared into preparations for and the execution of Toni's birthday party. On the side I've also studied my course books and completed the first home exam available for the course, as well as writing my story and finally defeating the big bad boss in Elder Scrolls Online, giving me access to previously closed off Veteran level content :) And I've also finished reading a few books :)

I no longer remember 2nd - 4th July very well. I know I finished The Improved Emperor's Guide to Tamriel (the book that I recieved with the Imperial Edition of ESO) and that Toni and I also did our preparations for his party. Since the Veteran content of ESO still was locked to me back then cause I kept failing at defeating the big bad boss I finished my campaign at Empire: Total War, as well as started and finished playing The Testament of Sherlock Holmes instead. The ending of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes touched me in a way I hadn't expected and I'm not sure if anyone would understand if I tried to explain. So you play it and tell me ;)

On the 5th we had Toni's party which started out with an improvised BBQ and later turned into a standard drinking party that was a lot of fun. Toni and I fell into bed around 4.30 am that night.

On the 6th I was feeling surprisingly alright and since my guild in ESO tends to have organised PvP every Sunday I decided to check if there was one. Turned out there wasn't, but instead I got incredible help with my character. My main is my first ever MMO character and I have unintentionally managed an amazingly bad build. But the guy who helped me worked with what I had, got me a new armour and some tips on what foods and potions to use. Then I gave it a shot and after using my given tactis of kiting around the playing field and using archery I finally managed to defeat the big bad boss and recieved all that Veteran content :) I couldn't stop thanking the guy - I might have embarrassed myself - but at least I guess he feels appreciated :P

On the 7th we got on the train south. I finished the third Skulduggery Pleasant book that day. As soon as we arrived I got swamped by my parents asking about employment and suggesting things I could do. So in the end I grudgingly went upstairs to their computer and applied for the job they suggested just to shut them up. I know they mean well, but I'm perfectly capable of stressing myself out over finding a job and blaming myself for being inadequate when I'm not contacted after application. On the 8th we met up with Love and his girlfriend in Lund. It had been his idea for a double date the next time we were in town, so we went to have dinner at a restaurant with humongous hamburgers (Toni's request) and then we went to play some pool (Love's idea). Apparantly I'm much better at pool than I think. I secured mine and Toni's victory the first round. I'm proud of it :) The 9th Toni and I spent in Malmö. First a visit to the new mall, then some lunch/early dinner, a visit to Shock (bought a t-shirt) and one to the Sci-Fi bookstore (bought three books), before relaxing with delicious frapinos at Espresso House. Finally we took a walk to the beach and spent about an hour there, until we decided to walk back to the central station and get on the next train home. I finished one of my course books this day.

On the 10th the annual festival of my home town started. The only band Toni and I had any interest in seeing the first day was Dead By April, and it turned out they suck. We did get to hear some of BadiTudes punk rock covers too, which were much better than Dead By April. After hearing 2 or 3 of Dead By April's songs we left. Just sounded like general pop songs spiced up with disted guitars and some growls. I like pop rock, but pop metal is not my thing. The 11th was the big day in my book. We got there somewhat early to listen to The Boppers, an old school rockabilly band that I thought could be fun to watch. I did know some of their songs too. Then we left to walk the dog. Later we returned to see Joddla med Siv (tradition) and Twisted Sister. Twisted Sister was the main event of the festival and they were A-MA-ZING! :D Loved how Dee Snider made fun of the festival line-up as well as modern mainstream music during his little MC moments. I finished The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains by Neil Gaiman this day. Although being a welcome respite in the suffocatingly hot weather, it just wouldn't stop raining on the 12th. Despite the rain we went to the festival area. First to see stand-up comedian Hasse Brontén (hilarious) and then to listen to Linus Svenning (great). Then we left for a while before returning 2 hours later to watch The Sounds and Perikles. To my disappointment The Sounds are better on CD than live. Perikles is, along with Joddla med Siv, tradition to see each and every year. Their audience is incredibly diverse and they still manage to get everyone going by playing a mix of their own songs and covers of well-known pop and rock songs. Despite the pouring rain the area in front of the stage was crowded with people. After the concerts I finished reading the fourth Skulduggery Pleasant book.

Yesterday we spent going home. We had chosen a cheaper train for the ride home and thus a slower ride home. But I loved the train. Doesn't matter if it takes almost an hour longer, it has wood panelling and openable windows! It looked old and the seats were much more comfy than on the faster train. One step older and the locomotive would've been steam-engine :P Loved it. Spent the first hour of the trip just soaking in the atmosphere of the train. When we got home I prepared some work stuff. I had been given an interview from the jobs I had applied to on the first day with my parents. I really wanted to play some ESO, but after preparations I was so tired that I basically just clicked around online until bedtime.

Today I got up at 7.20 am (basically in the middle of the night for someone who's used to getting up after noon), showered, had breakfast, read some in my next book and then went to catch the bus. I was headed to my interview. Ironically, this day some construction works was underway on some of the train tracks and because of that I couldn't ride the train all the way but had to change to a bus and thusly explore a whole new part of Stockholm. Things like that always make me nervous. New places, new connections, new bus lines... Don't know how long it will take to walk from one place to another... But I did find my way and although I was 20 minutes early I wasn't the first one there (group interview). The interview process felt a bit too much for the type of work we had applied for. Before we got there we had been required to do both a typing test (for words/min) and an English test (for proficiency), when we got there we first had a short individual interview (none of ours were longer than 15 minutes) and then we were required to do another test. Not all of us had applied for the same type of job and thus we had different types of tests. Mine was basically a long list of technical abbreviations that I don't really think about but either see or use daily that I suddenly had to know what they meant. I had applied for a job as a support service for smart phones and tablets, and while our interviewer assured me that they didn't require any earlier specific knowledge (only an interest in technology) and that I would take a company course if I got the job, she also told me that if I didn't pass the test I wouldn't get a call-back. So... if I'm not required to have any specific knowledge - then how would I be able to pass that test? I'm confused, but I hope I did alright and that I will hear from them within 2 weeks' time.

Now, however, there will be ESO!


  1. Men åååh saknar ESO så himlans mycket! Har ingen inkomst nu efter studierna så väntar med att köpa tills det kommer pengar någonstans ifrån.... Även jag ska börja den eländiga stigen av jobbsökande ;D......eheheh.
    Ang tåget. var det möjligen blå tåget? Det är jättemysigt och i äldre stil, åkt det en gång men kollar alltid efter det när jag ska beställa biljett för att det är så värt :3
    Har för övrigt saknat ditt bloggande! :D

    1. Har inte heller någon inkomst just nu. ESO betalas utav sparpengar :P Vilket inte är jättebra i sig, men jag känner ändå att jag måste få unna mig saker ibland när resten av pengarna till största delen går åt till mat och nödvändigheter.
      Nope, det var Snälltåget. Går väldigt ofta nu under sommaren, men såg det inte alls i vintras. Och det kostar typ hälften så mycket som Snabbtåget/X2000 :) Blå tåget tror jag aldrig ens att jag sett... Det kanske inte går så långt? Är ändå 60 mil vi åker...
      Men tack! :D Glad jag blir ^^


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