Saturday, 9 August 2014


So I've been off the blogosphere for about two weeks so here's what happened last week. On Wednesday I went with Toni's parents, sisters, and his older sister's husband and three daughters to Gothenburg. I enjoy road trips as long as I'm not the driver and so it was quite pleasant. We arrived in Gothenburg in the evening and after checking in to the hotel and resting/freshening up a bit at our hotel rooms we went out for dinner. It's hard keeping everyone satisfied in a group of 10 people! In the end we had dinner at O'Leary's. Hot & Smokey Ribs ftw :D

The next day was the reason we went to Gothenburg to begin with. We went to Liseberg, the biggest fun park in Sweden, and went on every single worthwhile ride :) We started out with Helix, the new roller-coaster. It was amazing! So much fun! Up-side-down and everything :D During the day we then went on Balder, Kanonen, SpinRock, Kållerado, JukeBox, the whirligig (Slänggungan), and Hanghai. We ended the day with Lisebergsbanan and the huge ferris wheel. In retrospect the most fun rides were Helix, Balder and Kållerado. I got completely soaked while on Kållerado xD We left Liseberg at their closing hour of 11pm and after that we had a very late dinner at McDonald's.

The next day we checked out and took a detour on our way home to visit Gekås in Ullared. It's the biggest department store in Scandinavia (as far as I know), it even has it's own TV reality show. I had never been there before and after having been there now I don't think I ever want to go back there. Too crowded, too many people... I usually don't have troubles with that kind of thing, but this was something really exceptional. We did buy some things there, most notably for me a mini speaker in the shape of a rabbit head :3 So cute! And it works amazingly well. There's a lot of sound in that little thing :)


  1. The Helix looks amazing. Wish I could try it. :)

    1. It was! Finally a rollercoaster in Sweden that goes up side down properly :P And several times!

      You just gotta come over here ... ;)


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