Sunday, 7 September 2014

Nerd Pride

Recently I've been adding people from my old primary school on Facebook. Because I have this thing where I hope that maybe people have changed and matured over the past 8 years since I last saw them. So this post is dedicated to them mostly, but anyone can read it.

From growing up always feeling the negativity of being weird and never fitting in. I now revel in the feeling of being unique. And who am I in my uniqueness?
I've been a nerd for longer than I've known it. When I was 7 I fell in love with Pokémon and then Harry Potter. Then it escalated into practically anything related to Japan and fantasy, with a bit of sci-fi on the side. You see all those words in my profile on the left? Let me explain them to the uninitiated. 

Rocker. I love hard rock and heavy metal. I've cried, screamed my throat out and almost thrown my back in concerts, and if I ever got the change to meet any of my favourite groups/artists this is probably what I would do (fitting since it's Alice Cooper in the strip):
Gamer. It means I love games. Computer games. I'm very much on the PC master race side. Not because of specs, but because console just feels... wrong. It means I can cry my eyes out to a great story (like The Walking Dead), get scared shitless and have nightmares (like Slender), or all out geek out on the lore and learn everything there is to learn about a world that isn't even real (like the Elder Scrolls series). It means I buy merch and books to do with games. It means I get inordinately excited about games by companies I know or in series I follow. 
Linguaphile. This basically means that I love languages. I love learning new ones and I love to discover how languages fit together and what makes them tic. You know the thing mechanics do with machines? Pull them apart to find out how they fit together? I love doing that with languages. I currently know Swedish, English, French and Japanese. I understand Danish and Norwegian. I'm working on Spanish and Korean. I want to know Mandarin, Russian and Arabic. It also means I own books like History of Languages, The Languages of Japan, and French Grammar and find them extremely interesting.
Japanophile. I love Japan. The culture. The people. Basically everything except their outdated view on women and homosexuals. Japanse commercials are amazing. Japanese TV is amazing. The history is interesting and so different. The approach of anything is different to what I know from here. I love manga and anime (although not as much as a few years back). But this means I can excitedly talk about that latest episode of manga with people and be *omg feels (T_T) I can't even* with other manga/anime/dorama lovers.
Sherlocked. This means I'm mostly pissed at the TV series for only giving us three episodes every two years. It means that I'm super hyper excited before every episode and basically bawling my eyes out at the end. Or jumping up and down on the sofa in at the end. Depending on how the episode goes.
Potterhead. Well, it shouldn't be too hard to figure this one out. I love Harry Potter. Harry Potter has shaped my life and who I am. This means I can be extraordinarily tempered when arguing about the movies. It means I can be strangely excited when reading the books again, although I've already read them all more times than I have fingers. It means that every time I visit a place like Warner Bros Studio Tour or The Exhibition I can be like this:
Whovian. I love Doctor Who. The TV series. The TV series that's 27 years older than me. The TV series that keeps on amazing me and bringing out #tehfeels. Second, Tenth and Twelfth are my Doctors. Haven't finished Classic yet so I might get one or two more to my list :) I own a talking mini-Dalek and a copy of Tenth's sonic. Because I'm awesome :) Being a whovian means I've been on the edge of my seat since the regeneration last December waiting for the new season to start this August. Excruciating wait!
H!P Wota. This is probably the most unknown one. This means I'm a nerd for Hello! Project. Hello! Project is a Japanese music agency that hosts (among others) Morning Musume, C-ute and Berryz Koubou. I've been in this fandom since 2006 and so much has changed since then. But most of my love still belongs with the OGs. This means I can have a brand new music video on repeat a whole day. Especially if it's a new MoMusu song. This means I can curse my bad luck of living in Scandinavia and not in the UK or France to where Japanese groups travel most often. It also means I probably spent too many yen on photos of my favourites back when I was in Tokyo and discovered the Hello! Project Store in Shibuya. Current favourite girls? Kudo Haruka and Oda Sakura. Past favourite girls? Nakazawa Yuko, Yaguchi Mari and Tanaka Reina. 

I can watch entire seasons of TV series in a few days and absolutely love it all the way through. This results in my list of TV shows I'm watching being ridiculously long. I love anything with dinosaurs, because dinosaurs are awesome. It means that I can stay for hours in a book shop, but only visits cosmetics or clothes shops for about 10 minutes. I love books. Books are amazing. I clean out my shelves every few years and still they always seem to become full again... Can't figure out why ;) It means I get ridiculously excited about seeing all the "back to school" stationary in shops in August, although school like that ended for me 8 years ago. 

Basically I'm a geek and this is what geeks do:
And to all of you nerds out there: be proud!
Being a geek means that I can have a teddy bear with a Konoha head band, a pygmy puff, a statue of Molag Bal and a tiny figurine of Charmander in the same room, and not find it strange. And you know what? It's the fact that ordinary people find it strange that makes it so much more enjoyable to be what I am: a nerd. 

But you know the best part of being a nerd? It's when you find other nerds and can share the expectations, the disappointments and the feels with someone else. That's when us misfits who've never really fitted in anywhere in our lives suddenly feel like we belong somewhere. This is why I have the Swedish community Mugglarportalen. It's dedicated to Harry Potter, but I spend every day on there and I talk about everything but Harry Potter to other nerds. We're all nerds there.

Come join the nerd side.
We have Doctor Who.
And wands. 
I'm a Slytherclaw. What about it?


  1. åh, feel yha. Passade inte heller in riktig som mindre med mina intressen xD Men yhe, man ska vara stolt nörd!
    Jag tänker att vardagen måste vara ganska grå för de som inte brinner för något..

    1. Fast jag tror att alla egentligen brinner för något. Men det är mer socialt accepterat att brinna för t ex fotboll eller bilar än att brinna för datorspel och fantasy. Brinner man för någonting socialt accepterat så blir man inte heller ansedd som nörd. Sen får man ju inte vara lika barnslig i sin passion om man brinner för något socialt accepterat heller ;)


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