Monday, 1 September 2014

Summer is over: Here's my summer 2014

Today it's September 1st and summer is officially over. (Finally!) And that means I'm doing a post about all the awesome things I got up to this summer :) All of summer: June - August, compressed into a single post.


June started out awesome with Sweden Rock Festival. We went there on Tuesday 3rd and got home on the 8th. Best part was when I got to see my beloved Alice Cooper again, for the first time since 2011. But just spending time at the camp with all the alcohol and all the awesome people was incredible too. Definitely the best festival experience yet! Despite the fact that I got so badly burned that I had blisters on my scalp.

Two weeks later Toni and I travelled south to celebrate midsummer with my parents and family. We put up a huge tent in the garden and had the dinner there. A lot of traditional Swedish food and then strawberries for dessert :)

I finished The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Playing With Fire by Derek Landy this month. Games I played were The Elder Scrolls Online and Dracula: Love Kills.


The first week of July we celebrated Toni's 30th birthday with a great party, and with a special surprise of his little sister coming home from Australia after 9 months down under.

The week after we went back south to visit my parents again. This time we spent a full week there. We met up with Love and his girlfriend for dinner and pool. Toni and I won the first round and them the second round. The last three days of our visit we spent at the annual local festival, which I've been going to since I was about 10 years old. There we had a mini reunion from Sweden Rock and I also got to see Twisted Sister for the first time ever. Two of my favourite bands the same year! I also managed to get really badly burned.

On the 20th we had a board gaming night playing several different games. We played Rampage, Gloom, Escape, Timeline, Zombie Dice, and Cthulhu Dice.

1½ weeks later I finally got to visit Harry Potter: The Exhibition on its European premiere in Norrköping. It was an amazing experience, albeit a little short. I, unintentionally, compared everything with Warner Bros Studio Tour in London and that diminished The Exhibition somewhat. I had a lot of fun pulling Mandrakes, but the Quaffle throwing was too easy :P

The week after that I went with Toni, his family and his sister's family on a road trip to Gothenburg. There we went to the huge fun park, Liseberg, and had a lot of fun. The new roller-coaster was amazing! On our way home we stopped by Gekås Ullared, which is a huge department store. Famous in Sweden (and Scandinavia?) because it's so extremely cheap and because of its very own reality show. I don't mind crowds (I've been to Tokyo) but Gekås was too much and we didn't stay there for long. At least I can now say I've been there :)

I finished The Improved Emperor's Guide to Tamriel by Flaccus Terentius, The Faceless Ones and Dark Days by Derek Landy, and The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains by Neil Gaiman this month. I also read a bunch of course literature and recieved the highest grade on my first home exam! Games I played were The Elder Scrolls Online and The Testament of Sherlock Holmes.


I tried out the The Sims 4 demo on Origin and absolutely loved it! Even more excited for the new game now!

Then in the middle of August I travelled north to visit Kajsa at her place in Umeå for the first time ever. It was my first time being that far north in Sweden and it was an experience. Although I didn't get to see much of the town (since the sky was falling down the day we had planned touring) I really liked the place! I also got to see Erika again for the first time in years and years, and I got to meet the boyfriend :)

On August 27th we finally welcomed the Twelfth Doctor and I immediately loved him.

Then last week we had a board gaming night and played Mansions of Madness for the first time since January! This story was called Lost in Time and Space and included time travelling. The guy with the time machine hid in a box and we had a lot of fun referencing to Doctor Who and calling him "a mad man in a box" :)

Originally I was meant to go to Uppsala last Saturday on the 30th and join in travelling with the steam engine train from there, pretending it was the Hogwarts Express, and the getting off it pretending we had ended up in Hogsmeade, but due to some construction work on the tracks in Stockholm no trains could travel north of the city. The replacement buses had weird times and it all resulted in crazy long travelling time. I'll have to do that next year instead. In the evening we had a really great pre-party at our place and in the end went out to two different bars and an after-party before coming back home. Good times :)

I finished Trinity Rising by Elspeth Cooper, The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man by Mark Hodder, Ten Little Aliens by Stephen Cole, Dreams of Empire by Justin Richards, all of Neil Gaiman's teeny tiny children's books, and I started on Dancing Jax by Robin Jarvis. I also read some more course literature and got the highest grade on my second home exam! Thus I recieved the highest grade on the course in general! Games I played were The Elder Scrolls Online, The Wolf Among Us, The Sims 4, and Banished.

It's been a great summer with a lot of travelling: Sölvesborg, Malmö, Malmö again, Norrköping, Gothenburg, and Umeå!

Now, let's move on to a great autumn :)


  1. Låter som en awesome sommar! Skulle egentligen också fart till Liseberg men blev icke så, men jag är inte bitter!....xD

    1. Det blev ett himla flängande runt om i landet :) Men annars har det varit riktigt roligt! ^^ Synd att det inte blev något Liseberg för dig. Vad har du hittat på i sommar?


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