Monday, 15 September 2014

Swedish electoral results 2014

Yesterday it was time for the Swedish elections. It was an unusually exciting election and a lot of feelings were involved. I stayed up and watched the night watch party on TV and followed the vote count.

Like I had come to expect the sitting government wasn't reelected. But that provided no means of security. We now have a Labour party who won the election without getting a victory. The Labour party got 31% and was thus the biggest party, but they won't be able to form a government without teaming up with other parties. They have already announced that they will cooperate with the Green Party, but they only got a baffling 6,8% and anything less than 40% togerther is going to make for a very hard-pressed government. The Labour party leader has already shot down any cooperation with the Left party and it seems like he's hoping to work with either the Liberal party or the Agricultural party, or both. I'm not sure either of them will be willing since they were both part of the past coalition government and I'm not sure their loyalty to the right wing side can be so easily persuaded to shift to the left wing side. Either way I'm happy that the socialist side won.

Even if the government refuses to be formed with these results and a re-election is announced I don't think it will work to the right wing parties' benefit. The leader of the biggest right wing party and the last prime minister announced his departure from the party last night when it was becoming evident that they had lost the election. Without him, the right wing parties won't be able to get as much trust from the people and I think that in the event of a re-election Labour might just get more votes. Either way we get a socialist government.

I learned more clearly than ever yesterday that people are never happy. For the past year people's trust in the sitting government has dwindled and a lot of the focus was on everything bad the sitting government has done and what they couldn't manage. Now when it has become clear that we get a new government they all talk about what a shame it is to lose such a good government that the sitting one was. This right wing coalition government has been sitting since the elections 2006. They were the sitting government when I started getting interested in politics. They were the sitting government when I became an adult and their influence on my everyday life became obvious. I'm not happy about them. I'm not convinced that a socialist government will be better, but I couldn't cope with the right wing one.
As soon as you're born they make you feel small, by giving you no time instead of it all. 'Til the pain is so big you feel nothing at all. A working class hero is something to be (2x). They hurt you at home and they hit you at school. They hate if you're clever and despise a fool. 'Til you're so fuckin crazy you can't follow their rules. A working class hero is something to be (2x). When they've tortured and scared you for twenty odd years, then they expect you to pick a career. When you can't really function you're so full of fear. A working class hero is something to be (2x). Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV. And you think you're so clever and classless and free. But you're still fuckin peasants as far as I can see. A working class hero is something to be (2x). There's room at the top they're telling you still, but first you must learn to smile as you kill. If you want to be like all the folks on the hill. A working class hero is something to be (6x). If you want to be a hero, well just follow me (2x).

But it wasn't all good news. In the final spurt before the election the Green Party and the Sweden Democrats tried to gain as many votes as possible as they were both aspiring to be Sweden's third largest party. Earlier this year the Green Party had gained over 12% in the European elections and my hopes were high. Their hopes were high. Instead the Sweden Democrats gained an appalling 13% while the Green Party only got 6,8%.

This doesn't mean that 13% of the Swedish populace are racists. While I seriously don't agree with the Sweden Democrats I also don't agree with the other parties' resolute stubbornness to shut the Sweden Democrats out, don't work with them, and continuously trying to undermine them.

I don't know about the rest of the Swedes but I live in a democracy. In a democracy freedom of speech, opinion and choice are important things. The Sweden Democrats have just as much right to express their opinion as all the other parties. They have just as much right to take up as much space as the other parties. Everyone has the right to express their opinion, no one is forcing you to agree with them or even to listen to them. So this childish business of ignoring the Sweden Democrats and hoping the problem will go away on its own is something I definitely can't stand.
All the Swedish parties seem to want to continue down the path of ignoring the Sweden Democrats, despite their position as the third largest party in the country. The 87% of the populace who didn't vote for the Sweden Democrats seem resolute to continue screaming "YOU'RE WRONG!", covering their ears and refusing to hear them out.

People vote for the Sweden Democrats because they are disappointed in the other parties way to deal with immigration, crime and health care. They vote for a sort of extremist party like the Sweden Democrats because the other parties can't seem to express their politics clearly. They've become indistinguisable and are all mashed together in the middle with variations so subtle it doesn't even matter. I did not vote for the Sweden Democrats, but I know why people do. Because they're disappointed. It's a way of showing civil disobedience, it's a way of showing the politicians who don't seem to listen that we're not happy and we want a change.

And this country needs to realise that the way to deal with the Sweden Democrats isn't to ignore them, it's to include them. Meet them and include them. If they're included people will notice that other parties are trying to deal with the issue and the problem, and when they do the influence of the Sweden Democrats will wane and they'll start losing followers to other parties. I don't agree with the Sweden Democrats' politics, but if no one meets them and no once includes them then there's also no distinguished voice that tells you they're wrong. To yell at them like children doesn't work. To ignore them like sulking teenagers doesn't work. Take up the debate. Listen to them. No one is forcing you to agree with them just because you listen. It's about knowing your enemy. Know your enemy. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. And this goes for all the European countries, who in this year's EU elections got an extremist nationalist party in their part of the parliament.

That's all I have to say:
Happy about the socialist trend.
Disappointed in people's inability to include everyone.


  1. Fast jag tror inte alla som röstar på SD är rasister. De flesta är väl missnöjda med hur samhället styrs, och tycker då det blir bekvämast att skylla på invandrarna.

    1. Det var ju precis det jag sa: alla som röstar på SD är inte rasister och de allra flesta är missnöjda.


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