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Growing up in music

I've thought about doing this post for a while. Something like showing what I listened to ten years ago, when I was 13 and angry and the emo scene was at it's largest. And then compare it to what I listen to now, when I've matured and calmed down a bit ;) To begin with I embedded three videos per artist, but I soon figured that would make my blog's loading time an eternity... So here we go with links, lyric snippets, and logos instead. Hope it works :P

Favourite bands/artists+songs age 13-15 (2003-2006)
Avril Lavigne:
You don't know me. Don't ignore me. You don't want me there. You just shut me out.
My Happy Ending
It's nice to know that you were there. Thanks for acting like you cared, and making me feel like I was the only one.
How Does It Feel
How does it feel? How does it feel? You're different from me. Different!
Simple Plan:
Welcome to My Life
To be hurt. To feel lost. To be left out in the dark. To be kicked when you're down. To feel like you've been pushed around. To be on the edge of breaking down and no one's there to save you. No, you don't know what it's like. Welcome to my life. 
Hey, Dad, look at me. Think back and talk to me. Did I grow up according to plan? And do you think I'm wasting my time, doing things I wanna do? But it hurts when you disapprove all the time.
I'm Just A Kid
What the hell is wrong with me? Don't fit in with anybody. How did this happen to me? Wide awake, I'm bored and I can't fall asleep, and every night is the worst night ever.
Bring Me to Life
How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb. Without a soul. My spirit sleeping somewhere cold until you find it there and lead it back home. 
In my field of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullaby, I lie inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me. 
Sweet Sacrifice
It's true, we're all a little insane. But it's so clear now that I am unchained. Fear is only in our minds, taking over all the time. Fear is only in our minds, but it's taking over all the time. 
This is me for forever, one of the lost ones. The one without a name without an honest heart as compass.
She Is My Sin
I am the fallen. You are what my sins enclose. 
Slaying the Dreamer
I'm a priest for the poorest sacrifice. I'm but a raft in a sea of sorrow and greed. 
King of Fools
Keep on railing at what I believe. Call me insane and I'm proud to be.
Vain Glory Opera
We live to fight the hand of doom. We got the pride to strike a fool. Vain glory be my wicked guide.
Tears of a Mandrake
After the storm, when the magic is gone. Drown in the tears of a mandrake. Fading away, the final decay, try to move, break out of your chains.
Otsuka Ai:
数えきれない星空が今もずっとここにあるんだよ。The sky with countless stars will always be here.
愛情はなんて怖い物だから逃げたり求める。大人だとか子供だとかもう関係ないよ。Love is such a scary thing, that's why we run from it while we chase it. It doesn't matter if we're adults or children.
愛し合う二人幸せの空となりどうしあなたとあたしさくらんぼ。A happy couple in love, next to you we're like a couple of cherries. 

Favourite bands/artists+songs present day
Avril Lavigne:
Here's to Never Growing Up
Call up all our friends. Go hard this weekend for no damn reason. I don't think we'll ever change.
And that's why I smile. It's been a while since every day and everything has felt this right. 
What the Hell
All my life I've been good, but now I'm thinking what the hell. All I want is to mess around and I don't really care if you love me, if you hate me, you can't save me, baby, baby.
Simple Plan: 
This Song Saved My Life
You'll never know what it means to me, that I'm not alone, that I'll never have to be.
So tonight I'm calling all astronauts, all the lonely people that the world forgot. If you hear my voice come pick me up. Are you out there? Cause you're all I got.
Save You
If you fall, stumble down, I'll pick you up off the ground. If you lose faith in you, I'll give you strength to pull through. Tell me you won't give up, cause I'll be waiting if you fall, you know, I'll be there for you.
The Pretty Reckless:
Just Tonight
Just tonight I will stay and we'll throw it all away. When the light hits your eyes, it's telling me I'm right. And if I, I am through, then it's all because of you. 
Heaven Knows
One, two, three, and four, the devil's knocking at your door. Caught in the eye of a dead man's lie. Start your life with your head held hight. Now you're on your knees with your head hung low, big man tells you where to go. Tell 'em it's good, tell 'em ok, but don't do a goddamn thing they say.
House On A Hill
Somewhere in the end we're all insane to think that light ahead can save us from this grave that's in the end of all this pain.
Morning Musume:
失敗したってなんも焦らない。身に付いたスキル信じればいい。君がしたかったんだろう。Even if you fail you won't be impatient. It's better to believe in the skill you've acquired. Because you're the one who created it.
Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke
全然意味のない社交トーク、上手になれそうもない。無愛想って言わないで。こんな性格なんだよ。I don't see myself becoming good at pointless conversations. Don't call me unsociable. This is just what I'm like. 
Password is 0
信じる形。愛の形。信じる力。夢の力。何か始めるに明快な理由は要らない。The shape of believing. The shape of love. The power of believing. The power of dreams. You don't need a reason to start something new.
Alice Cooper:
Last Man On Earth
There's not a single soul to talk to me, but that's okay, I never liked them.
Wind-Up Toy
All my friends live on the floor. Tiny legs and tiny eyes. They're free to crawl under the door. And... and someday soon so will I.
Ballad of Dwight Fry
See my lonely life unfold. I see it every day. See my lonely mind explode. When I've gone insane. 
Black Veil Brides:
Fallen Angels
We're bored to death in heaven and all alone in hell. We only want to be ourselves.
The Mortician's Daughter
I will wait dear, a patience of eternity, my crush. A universe so still. No rust. No dust will grow on this frame. One million years, and I'll say your name. I love you more than I can ever scream.
Goodbye Agony
Not alone in forgiving the faithful and the blind. Innocence is forsaken. I leave them all behind, and then I see that even angels never die. 
I'll have you know that I've become indestructible. Determination that is incorruptible. From the other side a terror to behold. Annihilation will be unavoidable. Every broken enemy will know that their opponent had to be invincible. Take a last look around while you're alive. I'm an indestructible master of war. 
Your corruption is like a cancer growing inside. You owe the world an apology. You've been taught all your life that truth is easy to hide. You'll face your judgement another day and suffer eternally. 
Down With the Sickness
It seems you're having so trouble in dealing with these changes, living with these changes. The world is a scary place now that you've woken up the demon in me.
Within Temptation:
I can't live in a fairy tail of lies, and I can't hide from the feeling cause it's right. 
Paradise (What About Us?)
What about us? Isn't it enough? No, we're not in paradise. This is who we are. This is what we've got. No, it's not our paradise. But it's all we want and it's all that we're fighting for. Though it's no paradise.
What Have You Done
Would you mind if I killed you? Would you mind if I tried to?
The Riff
So the devil's out of touch and he cannot smell a hit, cause he has lost his mind with all that hip hop shit.
It Snows in Hell
Your life goes on and it's infuriating. How did you not get caught?
The Children of the Night
In the day and night I hear 'em sigh. The children of the night are calling.
Tsuyoku Naritai
つよくなりたい。つよくなりたい。自分にはウソをつけない。やりたい事叶える為来たんだ。大丈夫。明日を信じていこう。I want to become strong. I want to become strong. I can't lie to myself. I came here to do things I want. I'm alright. I'll keep believing in tomorrow.
あなたは今何を思っていますか。いつも私のことだけ考えていますか。離さないでいて。私を見て。まだ間に合うでしょう。What are you thinking right now? Are you always thinking about me? Don't let go. Look at me. We still have time.
「好き」なんて言えない。あなひか見えないよ。瞳があうたび、声を聞くたび、愛しくなる、切なくなる。「好き」だけど苦しい。今の私どう映ってるの。誰かを見る横顔はふり向かない。ふり向かせたい。もしも二人で寄り添いあってキスしたらなんて思っても。叶わないのに。叶わないのに。あなたに恋していいですか。私じゃダメかな。もうどうしようもないくらい想い止まらないの。ああ ずっとずっと一緒にいれたらいいのに・・・本気なんです。本気で好きなんです。Somehow I can't say "I love you". I can't see anything but you. When our eyes meet, when I hear your voice, you become dear, I become sad. "I love you" but it hurts. How do you see me? I see your profile looking at someone. You don't look back at me. I want you to look back at me. I wish we could cuddle and kiss. But it won't come true. It won't come true. Is it okay that I'm in love with you? Am I no good? I don't know what to do, I can't stop these feelings. Ah, it would be nice if we could be together forever. It's true. I really love you.
Stone Sour: 
You were my fire, so I burned 'til there was nothing left of me.
Through Glass
So while you're outside looking in, describing what you see. Remember what you're staring at is me.
Zzyxz Rd.
I'm only here for a while, but patience is not my style, and I'm so tired that I gotta go. Where am I supposed to hide now? What am I supposed to do? Did you really think I wouldn't see this through?
The Power
さくっと世界羽ばたく。めっちゃ偉大な力。さくっと世界羽ばたく。そんなPowerはいかが。Promptly open your wings and fly towards the world. A very great power. Promptly open your wings and fly towards the world. How does this power sound?
I miss you
大人になった。髪も伸ばした。恋も覚えた。失恋知った。母とのケンカ激しくなった。男友達意味なく増えた。私の事は自分でしたい。未来の事も早く決めたい。彼氏だっても指示はさせない。後で後悔したくないから。I've become an adult. I've grown out my hair. I've learned about love. I've had my heart broken. The fights with my mother have gotten intense. I have more guy friends for no reason. I want to decide things on my own. I want to make decisions for my future soon. I don't let even my boyfriend have a say. Because I don't want to regret it later.
Aitai Lonely Christmas
会いたいのに。会いたいのに。君の顔をね 少し見たいだけ。クリスマスは君と過ごせるのかな。こんな気持ち初めて。I want to see you. I want to see you. I just want to see your face for a bit. Will I be able to spend Christmas with you? It's the first time I've felt this way.

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