Friday, 16 October 2015

What's the deal with Stockholm and its metro anyway?

There was a new guy at work today and I was showing him how things worked at one of the ferry terminals. As soon as he realised I was not originally from Stockholm he was full of questions (he seemed so young and I felt so old most of the time). One of his questions was what I liked the most about Stockholm and when I said I wans't sure he offered "The metro?" And I just scoffed "no". Stockholmers are way too proud of their metro. It's the only city in Sweden that has a proper one and still the only adjective I can think of to describe it is - cute.

I used the metro in London


and Tokyo

before I even got to Stockholm, and Stockholm's got nothing on those cities!
Sure, Stockholm is a teeny tiny town compared to all of those cities - but still. I had told him I'd lived in Tokyo before he even asked me about my favourite thing in Stockholm.

In Sweden there's this hate-love relationship between Malmö ("the southern capital") and Stockholm. Malmö stole the record of Sweden's highest building a few years back and since then this stupid comptetition to be the most special city in Sweden has gone to Stockholmers saying "at least we've got metro!" Yes, you do. Three lines. Congratulations. Three lines that are less functional than Tokyo's thirteen lines. Tokyo, with 26 times more inhabitants than Stockholm and more than 4 times more lines have a more functional system than you do.

What is this deal with the metro, anyway? Can someone who's lived here for their entire lives explain it to me?

Sorry if this post seems bitter. I didn't intend to seem bitter. Just confused.


  1. Awww, it's cute that you think there's a competition between Stockholm and Malmö - everyone knows we're too busy hating on Gbg to notice you guys. ;) AND VIVA LA SUBWAY!!

    1. Well, I guess the ass-end of Sweden would be too busy hating on the front ;)


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