Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sun's Dusk week 4

I decided to try to revive my blog so now there'll be at least one post per week. Still lots of books and games, but I decided to throw in some everyday stuff in there as well. That's what these weekly reports are gonna be all about :) And to make them extra nerdy I've decided to name them after the months in Tamriel :P November is Sun's Dusk :)

This week my default state has been a mix of nauseated and tired. I went to work crazy early on Monday as per usual. But already before work started at 5 am I felt nausea coming and it just kept getting worse, so by the time that our breakfast break came around (~8 am) I decided to go tell my boss and call it quits for the day. I can't work if I have to stop for a second every ten minutes just to make sure that I don't need to rush to the bathroom. Turned out that during the course of the day I never did have to rush to the bathroom, but still.

So I went home (this time of year everyone is worried about the annual bout of stomach flu so I got off easy) and started up a new playthrough of Mass Effect. This time I romanced Kaidan and his romance was a lot sweeter than Liara's. I liked it a lot more.

On Tuesday I was still feeling nauseous, and I spent the day gaming. On Wednesday I felt better and Toni and I had our weekly cosy-up-in-front-of-the-TV-and-watch-TV-shows day. We are way behind on our episodes, but we managed to catch up on The Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead. Will be easier to catch up soon, because all our shows are soon on holiday break.

On Thursday I felt like myself again and I also finished Mass Effect. While ME2 was installing Toni and I watched an episode of Heroes Reborn and then I went to figure out how to make ME2 find my save file from ME1 via Origin. Which I managed :)

On Friday it was time for work again and everything went smoothly. Around noon, when I got off work I also got a text from an old friend who was currently visiting Stockholm and asked if I was in town. Since I was we decided to have lunch together and then take a tour around Old Town. I didn't do much shopping (just three books: The World of Thedas vol. 1, Three Novels by Jules Verne, and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley), but she went around looking for Christmas gifts and I mostly just followed her around and did some window shopping while I was at it. Comics Heaven was hell, though - there was so much I wanted and I kept telling her I couldn't afford to be in there. Despite that we went to the Sci Fi Book shop as well, because I really wanted a Garrus Pop figure. They were sold out, but instead I found a shelf of beautiful looking books. I just had to buy one or two. Because they were pretty.

Yesterday I started feeling the nausea again. A while away, but lingering. I was also really tired. I fell asleep on the train from work, and I never sleep on the train. Got a caugh and a half-blocked nose as well. I really think I'm getting sick, but there's no fever.

Today I'm even more tired than yesterday and during work today the nausea came back full-force. I called my boss on my Monday job and said I wouldn't be around tomorrow. Gonna go down to the care centre tomorrow to find out what the hell's going on with me.

Today is also the first of advent! I'm getting all Christmas-y :D Even put up the traditional candlesticks today :D And since it's the first of advent this song is appropriate, because that's basically how I feel as soon as Christmas starts showing up ^^

Now I'm going back to ME2! Getting heartbroken this time around! Romancing Thane! Wish me luck xD

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