Sunday, 13 December 2015

Evening Star, week 2

On Monday I went to work as usual and when I got home i watched the latest Allt för Sverige and played some Mass Effect 3. Toni got home later in the evening and announced that he wasn't feeling well. We also had a really big scare due to what we later discovered was an Internet scam. So there was really no reason to be scared, it was all fake, but before we knew that...

Toni stayed home on Tuesday and we watched The Walking Dead and Under the Dome. As well as showing off some British comedy. He showed me The Mighty Boosh, while I showed him some Monty Python - most notably The Dead Parrot. I also played some more Mass Effect 3.

On Wednesday we had our cosy day as per usual. Sushi for dinner and crisps and shows in the evening. Some Doctor Who and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. And more Mass Effect 3 for me :D

Thursday I started poking around with Spotify. I had considered it before and thought I'd give it a try. But I discovered just what I had found four years ago - if I had only listened to Western music (i.e. North America and Europe) Spotify would have worked amazinly. Too bad that about 50% of all my music is Asian, mostly Japanese, and it basically does not exist. And some things that do exist just baffle me. Like seriously, why do you have ABCHO who only released one single ever back in 2012 and it didn't even do that well, but you don't have Morning Musume? Morning Musume who's been household names since 1997, had over 50 singles throughout that time which all managed to get on the Singles Top 10 in Japan, and the only thing you have of them is one album from 2012? Seriously? When I mentioned my predicament on Facebook, one of my friends started talking about their stock of Korean pop music. I don't listen to much K-pop, but according to her they were quite well-stocked in recent K-pop releases. The only three Korean bands I listen to were not there, however. CNBLUE, FTISLAND and Cherry Filter. So right now, Spotify serves as a back-up. If I run out of battery on my iPod I can easily change to Spotify on my phone (minus anything that's not sung in a European language).

On Friday I got up on time to go to work. Got to the train station in time and looked at the table for next departures. The train usually leaves 10 minutes after I arrive. When I got there on Friday, however, it said 25 minutes. While I was counting my time and looking at it it slowly went down to 20 minutes. I thought it'll be close but I'll make it - and then it bumped to 30 minutes. I called in to work and told them that I wouldn't be able to make it in time and they gave me the day off. Good they did, because while I was talking to them the time flipped again to 38 minutes. Some sort of issue with the signals up in Huddinge caused the problems. When I got home I finished Mass Effect 3. For this playthrough of Mass Effect I had romanced Kaidan in 1, Thane in 2 and then Kaidan again in 3. And while I adore Garrus, Kaidan's romance has this sort of "meant to be" vibe to it. Kaidan has really, really grown on me. Thane's romance was just as heartbreaking as I was expecting. There wasn't very much sadness in 2, because their romance was more "living in the moment" so they never really looked forward to what was going to happen. But then in 3... Meeting Thane at the hospital was intense. I had expected some sort of new content for his death scene after he got stapped by Kai Leng, but nothing new there so that wasn't as heartbreaking as I thought... But then there was the memorial. I cried my eyes out at the memorial, it was so intense. And then when I was meeting up with Kaidan for lunch and he started talking about getting back together and then he says "I understand why you cheated"... All I could think was "No, Kaidan. You told me to fuck off on Horizon, so that's what I did. Don't blame me, you dumped me."

On Saturday I got up early for work again. Pretty intense day, but nothing short of the ordinary. When I got home I picked up Dragon Age 2 again, with the intention of finishing the playhrough I had started a couple weeks earlier.

Today I awoke with Toni's cold, but I still went to work. When I got home I finished Dragon Age 2. I liked it a lot more than I remembered. Mostly because of the humour. I always play as a humouristic Hawke and it makes the game hilarious. Though, this time I managed to make Merrill my rival, which made me sad because she's usually so sweet but as a rival she was so mean. All because I wouldn't let her fix the mirror. Last time I played DA2 I hadn't played the Dalish elf origin in DAO, but now I had and I just wouldn't let her finish it. So she kind of hated me for it, but at least her whole clan wasn't killed this time around. I was also set on romancing Fenris, but I got impatient. Hawke mirrored me that way. I wouldn't wait around three years for a guy after he walked out on me - I'd move on, and she did too, with Anders. Romancing Anders my Hawke became a mage freedom radicalist like him. She approved of what he did to the Chantry, refused to kill him and completed his romance. Anders has a great romance tbh. But because of my pro-mage freedom actions I never became friends with Fenris and so he chose the Templar side in the final battle and forced me to kill him :( Oh well, it was a great ride :D

And now I'm going to sleep. Gonna get up early for work tomorrow, despite my cold.

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