Monday, 28 December 2015

Evening Star, week 4

Monday was work as usual, but for some reason I was more tired than ordinary and fell into bed completely exhausted by 7.30pm.

On Tuesday I woke up at 5.30am. But I refused to get up at 5.30am so I fell back asleep and woke up again around noon. We played games and then went downtown so Toni could have his hair cut and had dinner as well. When we got home we dyed each other's hair (my hair is now purple-ish!) and then we played some more before we started packing.

On Wednesday we got on the train south and for the four hours of train I half slept and half read Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne. When we arrived at my parents place, we started dressing the tree and after that it was time for delicious Christmas dinner :D After dinner mum and I watched Bridget Jones' Diary on TV, while dad and Toni were fiddling with their phones/tablets.

Thursday was Christmas Eve. The big day. I know this day by heart. It's always exactly the same, and I love it. The day starts off at noon when my little sister and a part of the town orchestra plays some Christmas songs on the tiny town square. They play for about 30 minutes and then we go back home and start preparing things. Around 2.30pm the grandparents arrive and we're all seated in the living room in front of the TV. At 3pm, most of Sweden are watching Donald Duck for an hour. The same show, every year, and yet everyone keeps watching. After the show's done my parents fix up the last things and then we are seated for dinner. After dinner we go back to the sofas and then my little sister dress up as Santa (just cause) and she starts handing out the presents from underneath the tree. After every present is delivered everyone starts opening them up, showing them off, and talking to each other about them. Afterwards there's lots of Christmas candy, until the grandparents decide it's time for them to go home.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day are spent reading books and playing board games. We played Ticket to Ride and Mah Jong, just like usual. And I lost spectatularly, just like usual. Also lots of Swedish movies on TV, and I'm not even a fan of Swedish movies. I was also amazed at the fact that nobody switched the channels when Downton Abbey Christmas Special came on. I really wanted to see it, but nobody else had any interest in it so I honestly thought they'd change the channel. My mum was half-interested. It's so stupid, because they broadcast the Christmas Special the day after it was shown in the UK, but they haven't even broadcasted the latest season yet! So my mum asked a lot of questions, while I watched, because she just wasn't up to speed, not having seen the latest season yet. The Special and absolutely last episode ever was beautiful, though. It made me really happy, although I had to really try and control my feelings. Didn't really feel like bawling in front of everybody, It was a great ending. But I really wish I'd get to see the family deal with the Wall Street crash in 1929 - or the rise of Hitler during the 30's after what he did to Gregson - or the Second World War after Rose's marriage to Atticus who's Jewish... So many potentially interesting stories... I stayed up late into the night on Boxing Day, although I needed to get up early the day after, just to finish The Stolen Throne. It made me sad, because all the main characters lost a part of themselves in the end. All because one of them fell in love with someone he shouldn't have. Basically, Maric ruined Rowan, Rowan ruined Loghain, and Loghain ruined Maric. In a way, Severan won, because if he hadn't sent his bard to them, none of them would've been so miserable at the end. I really liked the book, though. Some of the descriptions made it feel like I was running through specific landscapes in Dragon Age: Origins :3

Yesterday, Sunday, was spent packing, travelling, unpacking, and then sleeping. During the trainride I started reading Mass Effect: Revelation, which is already intriguing less than 60 pages in. The difference in weather was incredible. Getting on the train in Malmö it was around 10 degrees and rainy. Getting off the train in Södertälje outside Stockholm it was below 0 degrees and snowing like crazy. After unpacking I played some Skyrim before going to sleep at 8pm.

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