Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Morning Star, week 2

Better late than never.

On Monday I went to work as per usual. Cold as fuck, and snowing like crazy. Snow gets stuck on my coat and my bonnet, so when I arrived at work my clothes were completely white rather than black. Work went well, though. When I got home I watched some Da Vinci's Demons and played some Fallout 3.

No work on Tuesday, but I went over to the police station to have a new passport made. When I got home I watched the last two episodes of the first season of Da Vinci's Demons and then I played some Fallout 3.

Slept in on Wednesday and spent most of the day playing Fallout 3. Toni had the night shift and so I sat up playing, alone, until maybe 3.30am. Oops. :3 We managed to watch the Sherlock special episode before he went on his shift. It was good. I missed Sherlock. Too bad I have to wait another year for the new season :/

Thursday started in tears. I woke up hours ahead of Toni and got on Facebook before I even got out of bed. The first thing I see is the announcement of Alan Rickman's death. Moved from the bed to the living room and cried in the sofa. This was the first celebrity death in recent years that has affected me more than just "oh, that's sad". When Toni got up I had stopped crying and was reading a new book, a short story sci-fi anthology in Swedish called Andra Världar, the first thing he did, though, was ask whether I knew that Alan Rickman was dead. And then I started crying again. I moved from the sofa to the computer and started playing Fallout 3 instead. Get my mind on other things. In the evening we watched the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory and Heroes Reborn.

Friday was work again. Still cold as fuck, but nothing special. Got home and played some more Fallout 3.

Saturday was also work. When I got home I finished my book, Andra Världar, and then I finished Fallout 3 as well. After blogging about Fallout 3 I started up Fallout: New Vegas. One step closer to Fallout 4 :D

Sunday was work and then Fallout: New Vegas. On the way to work I started reading another short story horror anthology by E.F. Benson. I had tried to read this before 1½ years ago, but I couldn't get into it. Now's the time to try again. I went to bed early, as per usual, but this time I could sleep until 3.30am, because for the first time ever I was getting a ride to work with a colleague :)

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